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  1. I may purchase another identical zif module than mine to see if it performs better, lets hope yes. Only this model guarantee the compatibility I need.
  2. I don't know. Maybe some game would conflict with it's drivers, which will also slow the whole system down. I heard that it would also restric mac os versions I can use. I need full support for Mac os 8.6. And its minimum is a powerpc 7410. For some older apps I need to throttle it down on the fly with G3 throttle, which only recognizes the PPC 7400.
  3. I only have Mac OS 9.2.2 and 8.6 installed. It's just what I need for now. And when I jumped from 400 to 450mhz, I saw a huge difference indeed. I imagined if I took one step forward I would see the same difference. At least, the Quake loop I leave for stability testing showed a noticeable difference on both steps. For the Video card I have a Radeon 7000 64mb. It's performing very well for 2D/3D. I just wanted to take full advantage of my current hardware without upgrading it. If I took a faster processor, it would have to be from 3rd party manufacturers, which I don't like very much and cou
  4. But it never overheats. it freezes at 43°C only, while at 450 it would go beyond 60°C and stay operational. I will look for a copper heatsink, thanks.
  5. Oh boy... another possible cause my overclock is failing... Hyundai RAM. Testing now with the pc133 and the toshiba pc100 chips (total 512mb), running for 1:30 hours. No problems so far. Edit: Dang! too soon.
  6. Could PSU be the source of the problems? the computer freezes at 43°C when running at 500mhz.
  7. Only the fan screwed to the original B&W rev.2 Heatsink. If I get a heatpiped one, I'm afraid the real problem would be closing the case . I have seen some of these and they are really huge. On later G4s that might not be a problem because the processor position changes to a larger area, but in my case, it's still a ZIF (it gets really tight with the B&W/Yikes! case closed). I thought about adding a peltier cell, but there are risks of condensation. Other possible solutions? PS.: Is it possible to remove the zip drive and the support below by only removing their screws?
  8. Hi, As I told in other posts, I use a B&W G3 with G4 zif from Yikes! 400 at 450mhz (trying 500mhz still). I followed the voltage tweaking guide to achieve 500mhz by setting the core voltage to 2.6v with no luck. After adding OCZ Freeze thermal compound, a K6-2 Fan on top and 2 smaller on sideways, the machine would die after 1h of use and the temperature reading before death is 43°C. at 450mhz it can go way beyond 43°C with no crashes at all. Anything else I could try?
  9. Thanks for reminding me that page. It seems to be hard work. Since I'm using a voltage tweaked G4 zif module from a Yikes! on the B&W (running at 2.6v), I wanted to clock it between 450mhz and 500mhz (but maintaining the PCI BUS frequecies) because if I clock it to 500mhz, I get the famous "errata bug" which makes it crash at low temperatures (43°C), so I just wanted to go one small step ahead from 450mhz (which runs perfectly stable, even if the temperature passes 60°C). As I told on an earlier post I followed a guide to run it at 500mhz with that voltage tweak (this guide: http://www.xlr
  10. Hi, I read somewhere that this is possible to do. I'd like to know if this is also possible without removing the resistor down the motherboard. Best Regards, Filipe
  11. Not really, but they are way rare to find. This G4 400mhz zif I got on e-bay. I could not find one in the whole country. Even complete Yikes! are not found in here.
  12. That's right! Sometimes I see some used Sawtooth with low prices, but it depends on the vendor and normally is out of town, so there's the high shipping cost and no OS 8.6 ]'> . Some people think because it's a mac that they can get 200% profit on it even if it's an obsolete model. I've seen some people selling Classics for about US$ 700 in here (converted from our $ unit). ]'>
  13. Not only they still extremely expensive in here, but also I need Mac OS 8.6 and would be harder for me to flash agp cards.
  14. Are there any differences between those 2? I just tried the voltage tweak to make my brand new G4 ZIF 400 run at 500mhz but it failed. The machine freezes a few seconds after boot, or during it, sometimes with bomb error messages. I followed exactly this: http://xlr8yourmac.com/G4ZONE/G4YIKESOC/500MHz_yikes.html but it failed. However I succeeded with a G4 zif 350 to run at 450mhz with the same voltage tweak. Could it be because the B&W has a different heatsink from the "Yikes!"? Mine is a B&W using the G4 zif module from a Yikes. Any help is appreciated. Regards, Filipe PS.: I
  15. But does it work under Mac OS 9.2.2 with latest Nvidia drivers (Nvidia Driver Update 3.0 v1.1)? Will I get full hardware acceleration support(scrolling, OpenGL and RAVE)?
  16. Hi, I'm pretending to upgrade my video card and I'm not sure what would be the right model. It must be regular PCI (flashed). I know that the latest driver update from Nvidia supports the Geforce 4MX 400 series, but I'm not sure if it supports the MX4000 too. If someone knows, please let me know.
  17. Hi, I read that when using classic under X, Mac os X updates some of the classic files. Is there anyway that I could get those files without installing Mac OS X?
  18. Yes, some games asks for it and refuses to run if set to more.
  19. I read at the Apple's knowledge database that some videocards are limited to the minimum of 256 colors. Must be the case of my ATI Rage 128. Does anybody know if this limit applies to Nvidia cards too?
  20. Hi there. I've been trying to set my desktop to 16 colors mode with no success. I've got 2 HDs, one with Mac OS 9.2.2 and the other with OS 8.6, but both won't show anything less than 256 colors. In Sheepshaver I actually get 16 colors and black & white modes with OS 8.6. Is there anyway I can do this on my G3?
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