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  1. I got it working, thanks a million for everyone who helped out. Maybe these steps will be useful for other people. Used my system install disks to install min. system on another floppy. Then booted from this floppy and copied the system folder across to HDD replacing files already there. The install disk didn't work on the hard drive but that did .
  2. Used norton, it found bad sector, clicked repair and it just showed up the same error next time I did a scan. Was using NUM Emergency Disk. Thinking of taking another approach, let me know if it would work. Could I make a copy of the disk tools floppy (which sees my HDD and the docs I want) and put it on another floppy which isn't protected and copy the data accross using whatever free space is available?
  3. DFA is giving me no errors but HD SC is saying Problems verifying data on drive HD mounting with no problems booting from Disk Tools.
  4. I have 7.0.1, after several tries just now I got the software installed, sort of. But now I have a different error. bad F-Line instruction This appears no matter if extensions are on or off. Thanks a million for the help so far , I think I may just get this going after all .
  5. It's not actually my box a friend gave it to me who wrote alot of songs and that and they're all saved on his mac (there's several back-ups of them on floppys here but well they were doomed to get exposure to magnets over the last 15 years or so). He just really wants to get all these back again. I got his mac booting again for him by re-sitting everything inside it and he was looking through all his stuff and was thrilled but then it just died!. Have all the original system disks also but some are damaged. I am getting a sad mac face and 0000000F 00007FFF On the screen
  6. Sorry I did word that badly. There is a 80mb hard drive in it and it was working fine but now there's a system error somewhere in the system files and I'm afraid to try a repair as I might loose all the documents that are on it. But when I boot from a floppy I can get at all the information on my harddrive (but they wont open because I don't have word or whatever on the floppy). Really I just want to get all the information backed up before I go any further. There's only about 4 or 5 3.5" disks worth of stuff as it's all just word documents. Oh and I don't have a new mac . I have
  7. Hi I had a Mac Classic II working great and never backed up my important things to floppy, is there any way of booting the mac from a floppy and taking the floppy out to write to another floppy. Or can I put the SCSI drive into my RAID config on my PC and copy the info across that way? Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks . Just where can I get the floppy image writer? Link is dead.
  9. Hi again, I've got myself a copy (on my windows computer) of Dark Castle and System6 install disks I want to put on my mac, my question is how do I do it? RawWrite fails at 99% with the system6 image.
  10. Ok so turned her off there before I went out and about. After turning it back on and no joy, so left it on and came back 20 mins later and it was on. Sounds like caps to me, anyone else think that it supports it?
  11. I done that yesterday to get it this far. I just gave it the good ol' whack on the side and it booted ]'> . Afraid to turn it off now in fear of not turning back on. Anything else I could try to ensure turning back on?
  12. Hi all, been reading through here for a few hours but I can't find any mention of the problem I have. I got a Classic II from a mate to fix and got it set up and it brought back so many memories I went out and got my own Classic II. But this Classic II got yesterday just doesn't want to boot, the CRT is lighting up and it's playing the "ding" at power on but then some strange music comes in that's baffling me as it doesn't happen on the other Classic. There is nothing displayed on the CRT at all no matter how long I leave it on for. One thing I noticed (please excuse the "noobish" desc
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