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  1. I have the same machine, and while the MacOS 9 support does sort of work (with the patched install discs AND open firmware hacks), it's not ideal. What annoys me the most about it is that you only get a single channel of audio. I agree with Cory that 10.2/3/4 and classic mode is probably the best way to go on the models that don't boot into OS 9 directly. These are great computers though, eh? I'm looking for a stand for mine to complete the set. It feels like an iMac G4 design that was scrapped.
  2. Unfortunately many of the images in the archived page are now gone. So I got in touch with the original author, and apparently he had been planning on moving the now defunct pages to his new domain. My query prompted him to finally do it! Here are the new links: Main LCS repair article: https://h-lindholm.net/articles/g5-quad-lcs-repair/g5-quad-v1-lcs-repair.html Pump repair article: https://h-lindholm.net/articles/g5-quad-lcs-repair/g5-quad-v1-lcs-repair-pump.html The stress test live CD made for the project: https://h-lindholm.net/articles/g5-quad-lcs-repair/stress-v2.i
  3. Sorry to revive such an old thread, but I wanted to add this in here for anyone else looking for the same answer. According to http://archive.retro.co.za/mirrors/68000/www.vintagemacworld.com/radius/smacdisp.html: Here's more evidence of the Quadra 700 not supporting 1024x768, from Apple (https://support.apple.com/kb/SP235?locale=en_US): Resolution Video Memory 512K VRAM (built in) Video Memory 1MB VRAM (2x256K) Video Memory 2MB VRAM (6x256K)
  4. Awesome! Excited to see the before and after Retrobrighting spooks me a bit, but my Plus sure could use it.
  5. Oh nice, thanks for the great tips. I have a LCS in a box that needs repairs, glad I kept it when I replaced the current one.
  6. That’s the one, but the resolution isn’t great.
  7. @Treeblopez thank you so much! Fit isn't perfect, but it's 95% there. I really appreciate you digging that up for us. Here are some pictures. Some things to note: The slimline optical drive is mounted via M2 screws. The model provided in that link is made for M2 screws with a flat top. I only had socket heads on hand so I used my soldering iron to melt the screws further in so that they sit flush into the plastic.
  8. This reminds me of the Checkmate Amiga case project which has had reasonable success: https://www.checkmate1500plus.com/IntroductionAmiga.aspx What I really want is @maceffects to create an LC575 case!
  9. I'm also interested in high res photos of the breakout box PCB, enough to read part numbers.
  10. Hi Everyone, I keep meaning to post this here because I can't find any information about it online. In my parts bin is this Macintosh SE motherboard with a RasterOps ClearVue/SE accelerator card. The SE was used in a lab environment and I believe it was used to operate lab equipment. The 68000 on the card appears to be clocked at 16MHz and it also has a spot for a 68881 FPU. It has four SIMM slots, each with 1MB modules. The SE's logic board has its ROMs removed so I'm thinking that they were moved onto the accelerator card. I no longer have the wiring harness that attaches to it w
  11. I'd love those STLs as well if your friend still has them.
  12. I thought this may be of interest to the fine folks here, a 9.1L Quadra 700-styled mini ITX case.
  13. http://www.atpm.com/12.03/cube.shtml is the correct link, there's a period in the URL - sorry.
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to replace my G4 Cube's optical drive with a laptop-style SuperDrive and before I take a stab at designing one myself, I was hoping somebody out there had an .stl file for the bracket to fit it into the Cube's optical drive area. With cubeowner now defunct, I can no longer access the forum posts discussing this. I've attached a picture showing this bracket which I found on: http://www.atpm.com/12.03/cube.shtml If I can't find one, I'll be sure to post my own version of it for anyone else looking to do the same thing. Thanks in advance!
  15. I’m so excited to try this out, fantastic project!!!
  16. VERY satisfying to see that - wow!
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