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  1. Time to learn how to stop worrying and follow the guide! Easy to get another band if it melts, but clearly it doesn't melt at only 115.
  2. You don't need OS 8 for anything on that machine. Just get the latest version of OS 9, it will make the Bondi iMac as versatile as it can be without compromising performance with OS X
  3. Thank you for confirming. Disk Utility reports that it is formatted in the Apple Partition Map scheme.
  4. It sure does! But when I reboot it gives me the flashing question mark icon. If I pop in a bootable OS 9 disk, it boots from that instead.
  5. I used Drive Setup on Mac OS 9 to create the partition mapping scheme, and it was created as Mac OS Extended. I wanted to be certain the drive was completely configured using period-correct tools knowing that out-of-the-box it wouldn't be configured with vintage machines in mind.
  6. I used an iMac G4 running Mac OS 9 to partition the drive and format it as Mac OS Extended. Mac OS 9 drivers were installed when I ran the OS 9.2.2 CD installer.
  7. Switching to Cable Select enabled me to boot to an OS 9 CD and I could see the SSD partitions on the desktop. Installed OS 9 on the first partition, but the iMac refuses to boot from the SSD. Flashing folder w question mark - until a CD is inserted. Drives show up On desktop sometimes, not always.
  8. Indeed! I have it set to master, and the drive is been partitioned so that the first partition is 6GB and has Mac OS 9 already installed. Maybe I should try with some other jumper settings.
  9. OK, I popped the original hard drive back in, and everything is working just fine now! Any ideas why the 120GB OWC Mercury Pro Legacy 3.5-inch IDE/ATA Solid-State Drive Kit would be a problem? https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/SSDMXLE120/
  10. Hey there. I've had this iMac G3 is perfect working order since it arrived in August of 1998. I've kept it running since then - boot it up a few times a year and keep it in a temp controlled space in my home. I've made minor upgrades to RAM and VRAM in the 20+ years since then. Machine works beautifully still. This weekend I installed some upgrades that just arrived from OWC: New PRAM battery, two sticks of 256MB RAM, and the OWC Legacy SSD. Installing the hardware was easy. But now the machine doesn't make the startup chime, and won't boot. It just sits there w/ light on, fan running, CD-ROM
  11. Ahh yeah, NetBoot! Great idea. I wish I had thought of that years ago. It should work with any NewWorld ROM Mac. It’s gonna be fun to experiment with some of these different configurations. Thank you!
  12. Thank you everyone, this is helpful. Is the 10/100 Ethernet connection faster than IDE? One of the goals is to replace the HDD with something silent and fast. Got me thinking that it might be good to use SD/CF. And then it got me thinking that it would be cool to make the SD/CF card easily accessible/removable without disassembling the machine. I’ve also fantasized about replacing the insides of the iMac with the guts of an intel Mac mini, relying on the original built in display, and extending the Mini’s ports to fit in the existing opening of the iMac’s side port beze
  13. Do you think it would be possible to install an SD or CF card reader in the side panel of the original 1998 RevA iMac G3? See attached photo for reference. My intention is to use it as convenient removeable media without relying on the slow USB 1.1 ports. I imagine connecting it by extending the IDE ribbon cable and Molex power cable, or if that’s not possible. If space doesn’t allow for this mod, I would consider removing the original HDD to make room, and perhaps rely on the SD/CF hard as primary HD (and would have the added benefit being easily removable).
  14. Hey guys. Does anyone know what the deal was with the monitor stand seen in these photos? I see these monitors for sale all the time, but never with the adjustable stand seen in these photos. What's that stand called? Was it sold separately? Anyone know where one in good condition can be found? I'm interested. Thanks!
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