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  1. Yes indeed, I attend and work at UT Knoxville. And yes, I have wanted one of these-ish printers for a very long time now. It also makes my first personal laser printer. I cannot wait to get the bits i need to hook it up!
  2. Well I'm back to working at the old Apple shop on campus as the resident Apple Tech, and just to sweeten the deal my boss gave me a LaserWriter 12/640 which appears to be in mint condition. I don't have any serial or AAUI adapters to test its functionality, but I have no reason to believe it doesn't work. The toner cartridge even feels like it has stuff left in it. Eventually I'll get back to my warehouse (aka my parent's house) I'll grab an ethernet adapter and see if I can't have myself a great little networkable laser printer.
  3. Clearly you are reading some other forum. The above posts are paragraphs of all this ridiculous hooplah about privileges and latin and all kinds of other things. If you want to edit posts past the 1 hour point, just say "I think its wrong we can't edit posts past the 1 hour point" and leave it at that, it does not require so much defining of freedoms and rights. To be clear, I think we SHOULD be able to edit posts beyond 1 hour, but its one of those rules which does not inhibit the user in any real significant way. If a situation arose where it became a real, true issue preventing peopl
  4. There is nothing to refute. I am not strictly opposed to "freedom" and all this other nonsense which has been brought up in reference to this forum, but what I am saying is that you are all, quite simply acting as if you are children who have been told to go into timeout and are now coming up with all the reasons you don't want to be in timeout. Bringing up the Latin origins of "Privilege" and Scott listing all the amazing online accomplishments he's had in the past are utterly ridiculous. I've started forums, administrated forums, built websites, run computer stores, ate a 4-pancake sta
  5. well...firstly because I didn't say so. I have nothing to do with the serving or regulation of this forum. secondly because...uh...i said so.
  6. if you all had typed in caps, at least it would have been amusing to read. as it stands you all sound like spoiled children. this is a forum hosted and paid for by a single individual, which is none of you. as such, they can do whatever they please with the forum. if you are so offended by this move (and christ you need to find better things to whine about), then leave and find another forum. the amount of bitching over this has reached just simply ridiculous proportions.
  7. I had an old, blue MouseMan Wheel which I absolutely loved, but I found that under rapid movement it wasn't precise enough, the pointer would jump all around the screen erratically. If it had a higher resolution sensor I probably would have never gotten rid of it.
  8. by "apple tv thingy" do you mean the application or the card?
  9. I really like the Logitech MX518i gaming mouse. Its corded so its lightweight and has instantaneous response, 1800dpi so it tracks well over any surface, its buttons are well placed and it feels well built. My other favorite is my Razer Lachesis, but to be honest aside from its, frankly crazy, 4000dpi tracking and big buttons, it has a more "sleek" body which i find uncomfortable to use after an extended period of time. Other than that I just use my MBP's trackpad.
  10. Do you understand the difference between playing HD content and upscaling 480i content to 1280x720? The answer is no. Lets let it be.
  11. Well ADC does have USB, so presumably it will carry the same digital audio signal used by the first cube speakers or the original Sound Sticks ...and by nothing else.
  12. You're right, it is a type of censorship. But, in this very small, minuscule and completely irrelevant context it is a subject I'm willing to have censored. There is no real comparison between having a genuine opinion worth hearing and, I quote, "OMG ESCHER!!1!!SHIFT1!!" That post was made with the sole intention of harassing the seller, who was indeed selling a rare prototype model Apple and while the outrageous costs some ebay sellers demand are just plain stupid, the fact that they never sell and they never learn is evidence enough that its not going to change. If there was genuine i
  13. Dual displays is weird. For instance I have a GeForce 3 64MB that came with my DA back in the day, it has SVGA and ADC outs but will only drive one at a time. As alk mentioned though, the Radeon 9000 ME runs dual monitors just fine with the same 64MB RAM. iirc the GeForce 3 is a superior card to the 9000, which was basically a crippled 8500 running at a higher clock speed, yet it will not push two displays at once. Dunno.
  14. Depends on the source. I have a dual 1GHz quicksilver with 1.5GB RAM and a GeForce 4 Ti 4600 and trying to watch Hulu's 480p option brings the machine to its knees. It will do 480 video just fine if its from Quicktime or an AVI file in VLC, but flash-based players just kill it. Although that is not really unexpected I suppose.
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