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  1. Thanks for the help and assistance in this matter. I've just swapped in a spare power supply producing 4.9v and the problem has gone. The recap will have to wait
  2. Yes it's been recapped. But I've just checked the voltages at the port and the 12V is reading 12.72v and the 5v is fluctuating between 4.59 and 4.62v
  3. My SE/30 has now started rebooting by itself in a vicious loop, and "extensions off" makes no difference. On a couple of switch on's it also displayed the shown pattern for a couple of seconds, which then disappears before it tries to boot?
  4. Thanks for that, but thankfully replacing the resistor at R55 solved my intermittent "no bong and black screen" issues
  5. Doh!, The spec for component Q10 on the International Mac Plus analogue board was in Addenda D of The Macintosh Upgrade & Repair Secrets all the time, I just had to find it by using the lesser known skill of "reading"
  6. It seems that The Dead Mac Scrolls doesn't refer to the Plus specifically, and doesn't say much about INTERNATIONAL boards. The Macintosh Upgrade & Repair Secrets, also written by Larry Pina, does mention INTERNATIONAL boards in Chapter 6 "Dead Sets" (which is the problem my Plus has, intermittently) yet it still only shows the layout of the the US board, as shown, with the positions of Q11 and Q10 in opposite places to the INTERNATIONAL boards. So I'm going to follow this book instead. And finally, my board has the following message printed along the b
  7. Yes attached, only Larry's drawing locates Q10 where Q11 is and vice versa?
  8. I am following Larry Pina's guide to repair a Mac Plus analogue board power supply, page 23, but I cant find a silicon controlled rectifier Q10 (CR400Y) or an equivalent on Mouser???
  9. SOLVED. I dug out an Airport Extreme base station, plugged it into a spare ethernet port on my router and set it up in bridge mode with another wifi network, then plugged an Airport Express into my SE/30' ethernet port and it works fine. Many thanks for the help
  10. Thank you for replying. (sharp intake of breath) I get some idea of the issues described in that document but certainly not everything, and I wonder if the problem is down to my router port-blocking AFP. And I can still move files around by FTP with Netpresenz running on the SE/30 when even using my iPhone but I still hanker after the ease of file sharing
  11. I have a NetGear WNCE2001 (RJ-45 Ethernet to 802.11) WiFi bridge adapter connected to the ethernet card in my SE/30 and I can ping the SE/30 from a Classic connected to my internet router via an Asante EN/SC and a 10T hub. I'm running system 7.5.5 on the SE/30 and whether using MacTCP or Open Transport my Classic doesn't show in the SE/30's chooser window, yet the SE/30 shows in my Classic's chooser window but doesn't respond. And if both machines are hardwired to the 10T hub then file sharing works perfectly. So how can I be losing file sharing with the N
  12. You can manually set a files type with the application that created it, or set another one if you wish, say to look at the code an image with Simple Text. I have also found it too but i’m not sure now whether it’s a PPC app. ;-/
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