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  1. Unfortunately (when it comes to shipping) I'm in Denmark...
  2. Hello 68kmla! I just wanted to share my latest conquest, which contained a bunch of powermacs. The quicksilver sadly doesn't work (light fades when pressing start button, might have a faulty power supply) but the rest do!
  3. Here you go: https://github.com/ande765a/CommandSystem/tree/master
  4. "How you did it?" I just connected the TX, RX and ground pins from the Macintosh printercable to the arduino with a max232 chip in between to do the ttl <-> rs232 conversation. But with TX going to RX and RX going to TX. The arduino was just running a program I wrote to interpret commands from the serial connection to switch pins on and off. I can upload the source on github if you want, but the code is really not something to brag about. "What software you used?" On the Macintosh I used ZTerm to connect to the serial interface with baudrate 9600 as bigmessowires suggested.
  5. Hi everybody! Just quickly wanted to share a little hack-or-something I did today. I connected the SE/30 to my Arduino Uno via serial which was running an interpreter I wrote to turn pins on and off. Pretty cool Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6JPoB0M4zM&feature=youtu.be
  6. Hi Everybody, I recently got a SE/30, LC 475 and Color Classic for free! I've gotten the LC and SE/30 to work (Both needed a new HDD), but the Color Classic is struggling me. I think it's the A/B which might have gone bad, but I'm now sure. When booting the machine I get no video, just a saturated screen (because I poked around with the RGB values) with horizontal stripes (they're actually not quite horizontal). A little like this: [attachment=0]Skærmbillede 2014-01-12 kl. 21.10.58.png[/attachment] Here is a video of the machine booting up: Does anybody know
  7. Well, I decided to find take my LC 475 out from my closet. While carrying out the old apple monitor, I thought: "I wish I could just hook it up to my LCD screen," and that was what I decided to do. This is a guide for noobs like myself I need to convert the signal from the LC to VGA, but is it even possible? I knew a lot of older Macintosh computers used a nonstandard framerate for the video output, so was converting to standard VGA even possible? After a quick google search, I found that it actually was. To build this adapter you need the following: a DB-15 male connect
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