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  1. Finally I was able to get the driver from System. To check, I added it to the same resource into my working System file and the card is now working perfectly. I attach the driver to my post. NuvoTech NuvoLinkII.sit.zip
  2. I've managed to recover an original disk volume which belonged to the machine where this card is came from. It is finally boots successfully to System 7.5.5 and loads driver for this NIC. Yes, the board is fully operational. However, I'd like to extract the network driver from the resurrected system. I guess it stays in System file. Could anyone try to extract it from there? There is a report from TattleTech: Dmitry, [5 мая 2021 г., 20:06:14]: • Nubus/PDS Slot# = $09 „ Pseudo Nubus Slot# = 1 „ Board Name = Nuvotech NuvoLink II „ Board ID = 649
  3. Hi there, I’ve recently got a working NuBus network adapter for Macintosh II from Nuvotech. The exact model name is NuvoLink II. The board is discovering when plugged into slot, so I assume it is in working state. However, both System 7 and Mac OS 8 don’t initiate EtherTalk for this NIC. I’ve tried to look out for drivers everywhere, but still there’s nothing for this model. Could you please help me with original software for this board?
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