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  1. Thanks @joshc for your response. I can't believe my searching on this issue didn't uncover that the LC475 needs a PRAM battery. I was so focused on how the damaged chip might impact the video that I missed the general PRAM warning. The PRAM battery in this system was completely dead when I got it, reading zero volts on a voltmeter. Owning a SE/30 with a rusted chassis and a scorched motherboard from a Maxell blowout has gotten me into the practice of just removing all my PRAM batteries. In this case, that was causing the video issue because I cobbled together a makeshift PRAM s
  2. Hello, I have have a couple old school Macs that I tinker with from time to time. My favorite is my LC520 that I bought new and later upgraded with a LC575 motherboard and a PPC upgrade card. I break it out from time to time, but don't really have space in my office to keep it out permanently. So I decided I'd pick up a LC475 that wouldn't take up quite as much space. I found one that looked to be a bit of a bargain and was told it chimed at startup but couldn't be tested without an adapter for the video. I decided to take a chance on it, but it turns out it does chime at boot
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