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  1. You wouldn’t have the drivers you can share also by any chance?
  2. Here are some really close up pics that you’ll need to “stich” together
  3. Hi, Thanks for the details on the cap. Just replaced tonight and will test in a few days. In the mean time, I’ve attached the high res pics as requested. Thanks Sonny
  4. Hi All, I inherited a Mac SE/30 with an Dayna Ethernet card included. The card isn't working and when I had a look over the board I noticed one of the components (a capacitor) had failed per the attached picture. It looks to be called C3. I'd like to get this board going again and just wondering of anyone had the same board and knew the value of C3? The model looks to be a Daynaport E/30 if that helps at all? Thanks Sonny
  5. So the general consensus is that I should be able to swap a Plus screen (and yoke) into a SE and it will work fine. Thanks everyone.
  6. Hi All, I have a working Mac Plus tube I want to move into a SE machine with a dead tube. I was told I should be able to do this but will need to move the yoke from the SE tube to the Plus tube prior to installing In the SE. Is this information right? Thanks Sonny
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