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  1. Thanks for your assistance! I've been looking over the disc images folks have hacked together for "unsupported hardware" on the macos9lives forum and I thought I'd give one of those a chance. But you're right, I can probably give classic a whirl first and see how that works. I remember not having a good experience with classic back in 2003/2004, but I was also trying to run more intensive software and games via the compatibility layer that likely gave off a bad impression, more simplistic, older edutainment titles will probably fare much better in that environment.
  2. Hey 68kMLA Forum Users, I have a eMac in the closet at my parents' place that I purchased way back in 2003 in my move from high school to college. It's a 2003 model: 1Ghz G4, 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD, 32MB Radeon 7500, Superdrive. I've replaced the Superdrive at one point during its life, as the original one either died on me or started having issues reading newer DVDs (don't remember) upgraded the RAM from what it shipped with (I believe 256MB) to 1GB and added an Airport Extreme card way back in the day. My parents actually used the computer for a short time when I moved to my fi
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