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  1. Yes! I have made 2MB modules and have been tracking down info for a 4MB module with SGRAM. I thought that it could be raised to 4MB because the footprint for extra RAM is there, but EDO RAM is a speed bottleneck. Even 2MB SGRAM provide more options than the 2MB EDO modules. The SGRAM can be found without too much trouble, I had plans to draw the PCB but there are some uncertainty as the apple developer source is quite loose. I also have not seen a 4MB module before, and having a 4MB module would help. There may be enough on the auction photos to help me, even with the label on the back.
  2. So yes it will not physically fit in a PowerBook 100. It would require an entire redesign with a new shape, which is quite challenging as the RAM chips are really packed tight. I have never seen such a 6MB module, so thanks for posting a photo!
  3. I found the problem, I swapped UL and LU, and messed up one of the address line connection. Now that I have this working I'll be able to roll out some final PCBs. I also have a 10MB module. Thanks all for helping with photos! This module is compatible with 16but bus, so it should work in the PowerBook 100. I hope it physically fit in the machine. I do have a PowerBook 100 but it's buried in my stuff...
  4. A quick look at the prototype I received last week. It does not work yet, although I have followed the Apple developper manual's directions. I have a 2MB module and the chip select lines seems to be wired differently. So I need to do some fixing, but it's coming together. If someone has a 10MB module (especially with unpopulated chip) it could help me to trace the chip select lines.
  5. You can, and the brand does not matter. You need to keep the speed consistent though, 100 or 85ns
  6. After a big team effort of @Bolle providing the chip and @Johan Grip helping stitching the ~570 images I took, there's the GLU ASIC in 2.8 gigapixels. https://siliconpr0n.org/archive/doku.php?id=bercovici:apple:344s0602-a
  7. It's a limitation over the available chip select lines. There are 8 chip select which are used to drive each 32bit bank of 4 chips, so that's a maximum of 8*4 = 32 chip of 512k = 16MB. I am not sure why 14MB is the limit and not 16MB as there's a remaining chip select line, but it could be due to the ROM. The PowerBook use Pseudo-static RAM, a technology that's not widely used due to the high cost compared to DRAM and I'm not aware of any other chip than 512k. The powerbook is hardwired to use those 512k chips and nothing else.
  8. I am in the process of making new memory for the powerbook 100 series. Stay tuned!
  9. These were some pretty wild bundles, you got a good deal. I got both of the combined 30/72 pin testers... I needed one but ended up winning both. I can see which one I like best! I have made 72pin SIMMs but mostly for the fun, they are not rare by any means.
  10. You'll be fine with these, you very likely don't need to match the SIMMs. The Macintosh hardware is unaware of the speed of he memory.
  11. Thanks! will do. I just came here because the thread was relevant.
  12. Dear all! It looks like the lockdown has inspired us to undertake similar projects! I am the designer of the purple VRAM modules posted above. I have made a small quantity of fully tested and working, 256k and 512k SIMMs. Modules are professionally made with top quality gold plated 4 layer 1.2mm PCB. My prices are: $29 for a 100ns 512k module $19 for a 80ns 256k module Price include shipping worldwide. I can be reached directly, or they can also be found on eBay for a little bit more. In the near future I will also have 1MB modules for P
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