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  1. Here are some test boards. Have them out to a friend to test and solder
  2. Slight update...got the GAL info and we are working on tracing. The board I have is a 6 layer version though so a bit more complexity. Wish I could get one of the later "simpler" boards which seem to be 4 layer
  3. Slight update....finally got my hands on Eagle again and will start tracing based on the pics
  4. Awesome info on this topic. First step will be to tray and read the GAL when a board is available. Then trace for initial design and think the suggestion on making it as compact as possible is the way to go
  5. Looking for a Quaddoubler at a decent price...now here is the caveat. I want to destroy it.......in the interest of reverse engineering one and then being able to get them at a decent price. Many cards have been reversed engineered in Amiga land and this would be a very beneficial one for the Amiga and Mac side 
  6. I recently added a pair of 128mb ones and happy to report that now shows up as 132mb...stock machine
  7. You could use one of these http://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-Slimline-Gender-Changer-GC25SM/dp/B00066HP5G/ref=sr_1_31?ie=UTF8&qid=1443803889&sr=8-31&keywords=db25+male+male
  8. Ok, so this seems ood...I have a Quadra 610 and want to use a Houdini II card....installed Apple PC Setup 1.64 under 7.5 and the PC Setup control panel works fine and starts the PC (still hunting down a video cable) Now if using 8.0 or 8.1 and I install PC Setup 1.6.4 (same issue with 2.17 BTW)... Finder frezzes and restarts...cant get the panel to load at all. Tried with fresh 8.0 and 8.1 install and no avail I read somewhere that 1.5 migth work...anyone have PC Setup 1.5 available?
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