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  1. Arrived today, but I've discovered that the floppy drive in my Quadra apparently seems to be giving up the ghost, it wanted to initialize the driver disk when I popped it in. Going to see if I can pull a drive from a different Mac and use it to get the disk backed up/onto the drive image. It may be a bit before I get around to pulling a drive from a spare machine though.
  2. Once it comes in I’ll try to make a video.
  3. Always on a quest to find a better solution than the old ADB Apple Mouse for use with my 68k machines, I ran across an ad for this in an old MacWorld. Based on their other work, I'm assuming that Microtouch knew what they were doing, but I'm having difficulty finding reviews on this device 30 years later. Snagged one off of ebay for relatively little and am waiting for it to come in, but wanted to ask here and see if anyone is going to laugh at me for buying a complete tech dead end or tell me that I've found a unicorn input device.
  4. Got it, I ask because my In progress projects could use some replacement shielding, and I can't seem to find suitable ones without going to ebay and hoping that the order comes in better shape that what I currently have.
  5. Your products have had me wondering, in today's world when DIYing a refurb, there's no legitimate concerns for keeping in any of those old shielding or covers is there?
  6. Interesting solution to an issue I haven't been able to properly explain. I'm going to try this with a different card than the one I currently have working in my Q700, but if this works how I'm thinking it will, I don't see myself going back to my super clunky work around where I move things onto the booting partition and bake it to the card, then transfer to partitions basilisk doesn't see on the physical computer.
  7. I've been using a Dell F173fp for most of my retro-computing, with Macs I connect it using a 10 switch converter that I got from Operator Headgap. After lots of fiddling, I found that setting it up as a Mode 5 (Separate Sync) with the switches flipped as if it were a Multiple Scan 21" gets me all the available resolutions and color depths on whatever Mac I'm on. I did notice that while it can handle the refresh rates I throw at it, when I first get going with it it'll occasionally have some mild shaking in the feed, but doing an auto adjust select from the menu tends to make that go away.
  8. WHOA. Hope you get at least one back into working shape. That's one that I'd love to sit at for a few hours and screw around with but don't think I'd ever want to devote the space to actually owning.
  9. Had to preorder this to make sure I didn't end up on some chase when it finally ships.
  10. Thanks for the offer, I'm at work still so I can't get into my own stuff to upload at the moment, but I got it from the installer using TomeViewer. Never having had to fiddle with anything beyond a basic setup I was unfamiliar with the tools at hand. Thanks for the offer though, and if anyone else needs the files I'll upload when I get home from the office.
  11. I don't have any issue with that. I'm not seeking to use my vintage machines to make money, just as educational exercises in vintage computing.
  12. Thanks to this thread being here I was able to isolate the issue I was having getting my 700 to pick up my SCSI2SD. With that done, is there a way to get the Power Macintosh Upgrade Card control panel installed using basilisk II, or will I have to add the disc images to the SD card and install the extras that way? I can't even see the control panel as an optional install in Basilisk right now, but everything I've read indicates that it was included with the discs for 7.1.2 - 8.1. I don't really need to use the card since I've got other faster PowerPC options, but since it came with
  13. Thanks. I’ve been in lurk mode on forums for about a decade rarely popping up for discussion and didn’t even realize that my phone was outputting the photos in that mode. Here it is in jpeg form. As to getting a practice set of boards in I think that's probably a good idea. While these came to me with no strings and fully told upfront that there'd be work necessary before they powered on again, it would kill me if I ruined them beyond repair thanks to being too cocky that I could do the work on my first go. ed out
  14. Quadra is in my possession, and it runs. I used an 80MB drive I have from the IIsi and got it to boot up, but it's running everything setup to be used on the IIsi. RAM and VRAM were maxed out, the 16MB RAM SIMMS are really odd, it looks like it was a contemporary solution to getting more memory on a stick, rather than going vertical, it went horizontal so the sticks go all the way to the speaker mount and freaked me out when I took everything apart to change the battery, couldn't get the speaker back in until I did it ahead of putting the RAM in. The Others are in progress. I've
  15. That's what I figured, especially since the SE was available for upgrade to a /30 with a logic board swap. I did a search on my serial numbers and was amused to see they were only built a few weeks apart in 89. Once I've it capped and booting up I Hope to have a better understanding of what I want to do with them.
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