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  1. I might do this with my Classic (Does anyone have a spare crt or for parts classic? I can pay for shipping) if I can't find a VGA capture card for my LC III
  2. Wait a little bit because it might be testing the memory, the 68000 processor isn't fast at testing memory so be patient, eventually you'll either see a happy mac or a flashing disk icon
  3. There is a carrera 040 upgrade someone made for the SE/30 but those are unobtanium now
  4. I'm interested. I have an LC III which can't boot 7.0.1 and I have a 2GB image of system 7.5.5 that I made myself
  5. If you have reddit, you can contact amiga of rochester if you live in the US. If you don't have reddit, then you can contact Mac84 (someone can reply to this with his email) if you live in the US, or branchus creations if you live in Australia
  6. The radial fans are the worst, according to 65scribe on YouTube, they were loud and caused interference with the video signal, I'd recommend not putting a new radial fan in, I'd suggest putting in an axial fan in, maybe a noctua fan if you can get it to fit and run properly
  7. If you're using a phoneNET adapter, make sure the terminator is on both ends. Other than that, you might need some special software (I don't remember the name at this moment) on the 540c in order for it to work with the SE/30
  8. Did you remember to put the neck board of the CRT back on the CRT if you unplugged it?
  9. I'd recommend recapping the power supply if you're able to, if not, contact Mac84 or Amiga of Rochester if you live in the USA, or Brancus creations if you live in Australia
  10. Looking at my Macintosh Classic analog board, it has a 250V 2.5A fast blow fuse. I looked it up, and it seems like 2.5A 250V fast blow is the recommended fuse for a Macintosh Classic and Classic II
  11. As long as the packing material isn't conductive, it should be fine, I don't think anything will get warm in storage
  12. I've had that happen on a Macintosh Classic. Catches you by surprise, don't it?
  13. I found an ethernet card for the LC if you want to hook it up to the web (if you haven't found one already): https://www.recycledgoods.com/farallon-lc-card-mac-ethernet-897067-80/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3duCBhCAARIsAJeFyPU8mAnvkArYfjswz7jzjJs8QxNSQ1u00uITPr0manThQo9kQk4eOqsaAilnEALw_wcB I was originally looking to buy this for my LC III but I'm sure I can find another.
  14. I've been scouring the internet for ethernet PDS cards for my LC III, and I found one, but it has an fpu slot which my LC III has (here's the link to the card if any of you are interested: https://www.recycledgoods.com/farallon-lc-card-mac-ethernet-897067-80/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3duCBhCAARIsAJeFyPU8mAnvkArYfjswz7jzjJs8QxNSQ1u00uITPr0manThQo9kQk4eOqsaAilnEALw_wcB). Has there ever been an ethernet card for LC machines that doesn't have the fpu slot (either no option for one on the board or non-populated solder pads for one)?
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