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  1. bnys

    First Compact: SE!

    Is the V5 compatible with the SE? Seemed like there was some debate over which SCSI gizmos were compatible with the SE. Internal is definitely the way to go for the extra speed, so that could be great!
  2. bnys

    First Compact: SE!

    Since the HDD is dead, I might revert to the 2-floppy setup...the only bad part is that the top bracket was swapped for a third-party carrier for the hard drive so I would also need one of those. I think ultimately, using the external BMOW emulator will be my best bet (and it'll save me from having to get at those two tricky top screws again!).
  3. Hello all! New Mac dad here. I'm in the South Bay Area, where there's a lot of Apple activity in Cupertino's backyard. Previously, I collected Newtons but this Marchintosh, I got bit by the Compact Mac bug. Was able to pick up a gorgeous SE in local Los Gatos for a song from its late owner's sibling. Was unable to boot, but I suspected the SCSI drive had gone bad...I was right! Thanks to Rescue My Classic Mac, I had replica boot media in under a week and now it's up and running. This SE was born in '87 in nearby Fremont, has the original terrible squirrel cage fan (anyone have
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