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  1. I'm also thinking that the 25 pin adapter is for SCSI. @JDW has pointed me at the dead mac pdf and it indicates that the alternating vertical white and black bars are a ROM issue, and as such, I'll have to open it up and will report back (with pictures?) on what I find. Thinking that I may want to sell this thing if I get it working again. It's been a rough year, and plugged in and running computers way out number humans in the house. It would be nice to know it's being used by someone who can appreciate it. I should get the failed hard drive in the 32 bit intel iMac replaced..
  2. Excellent, my google foo had not found this document yet. Ctrl-F found on page 65, no start up sounds, and vertical bars. It references a 512k logic board and issues with the ROM. Considering the age, and the number of times this unit has been moved, having the ROMs not being properly seated makes sense. I'll try and reseat them before attempting the recap. This also suggests that this may have been upgraded to the 512 logic board, which makes sense considering the original user. He worked as a Systems Analyst specializing in DEC Vax and later DEC VMS systems.
  3. I received from a friend a couple of years ago an original Macintosh Model M0001. Serial number F4400ZXM0001. myoldmac.net says it was manufactured in Freemont in the 40th week of 1984 and was the 1153 computer made. Currently the display appears to be working, but was is both a repeating beep on the speaker, as well as alternating black and white vertical bars on the screen when I turned it on the first time. Second power on, to see if there was any noise from the fly back transformer, bars still on screen, but no beeping and no noise from the fly back transformer. Due to the
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