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  1. FWIW, D1 and D2 are not populated on my working nor non-working IIcx boards.
  2. Watching with interest. I recapped two IIcx boards recently. One works great, the other on the power button (keyboard or back of machine) starts up the power supply fan, no chime, no video. Pushing the power button on the back shuts down the machine again...
  3. That sounds more like power supply problem(s) to me, but could still be part of the soft power circuit. Since it appears you near the Twin Cities, I'm pretty sure I have a spare IIci power supply I could get you. That would at least help you narrow down the possibilities. DM me if you want to try and arrange a meet. I'm in the far south of the Twin Cities area - Northfield
  4. Just curious, was this the one that was up on the Minneapolis Craigslist? Soft power on the IIci is pretty dependent on a couple of chips that are near caps that like to leak. I don't have the schematic handy, but can try and dig up the power on/power off part of the board. You'll want to re-cap and then check continuity per the schematic between the various components. I've had at least two of these guys (one wouldn't turn on, one wouldn't turn off) that I've been able to fix this way. A bodge wire or two will usually do the trick.
  5. If you want 800K install disks for System 6, I can make you a set of 4-disk installer and mail them as well. All said, I think you would find a FloppyEmu useful for all kinds of uses in any event. I sure do
  6. The SunBlades use Fiber Channel (FC) drives. Looks like an SCA connector, but narrower. You might get away with a "regular" USB keyboard to do basic power-up testing. You can also connect to the serial console, but the USB keyboard needs to be unplugged for that. 9600,8,N,1 Look on eBay for Sun USB Type 6 or Type 7
  7. Nice! USB keyboards for the SunBlade are available on the 'bay. I don't have extras or I'd send you one. I might have a FC drive for it if you need one. Show us the Rainbow!
  8. Are you trying to format 1.44 disks in 800K drives? This has been problematic for me in the past. I don't think I've ever seen a dual floppy SE with dual 1.44 drives, but I guess it could be a thing If you have DSDD (800K) disks, try those. I hope it's that simple...
  9. Been there, @techknight Let us know how we can help cover your back. We're on your side!
  10. I think the Shiva LanRover was like this for inbound dialing from remote Macs to an "office" network. Don't know if I ever heard of anything that went the other way - letting a network of machines have access to dial out somewhere... I can see it as a bridge to connect two remote offices together.
  11. Wow - you win "unicorn hunt" on the Internet today!
  12. All true! The Silicon disk does give you some options on setting up installers for the physical drive, etc. It's nice to have the option, and the SIMMs aren't that hard to find or install. Will keep my ears perked up for more info on the floppy adapters!
  13. LocalTalk was what I had since I didn't have the floppy at the time. To get a "clean" system installed, I used the "Silicon disk" and put a small System on that with the disk images of the System 6 installer, then booted from the RAM disk and erased and installed on the hard drive. Took a little work to make everything fit, but it worked OK. Now I have the SCSI cable and box, so I can boot off an external drive if I need to, but I didn't have that right away. My floppy, however, doesn't currently work If you haven't put in the SIMMs in the other four slots to get the R
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