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  1. Seller User ID xj3 is selling a bunch of Mac Portable parts on eBay. Might be worth checking out if you needs parts for fix or restoration. No affiliation - just had it pop up in my saved searches...
  2. The Dead Mac Scrolls (downloadable from the 'net) addresses this issue. If it only follows the motherboard, I'd probably check that the solder joints for the connector for the wiring harness from the analog board are OK on the logic board. Likewise that there's no corrosion inside the connector on both the logic board connector or the wiring harness. If the machine is like this and you have the back off, you could jiggle the wiring harness while it's on, and see if the image changes. That would narrow it down. The other causes all seem to be related to failed components on the anal
  3. A serial cable should be fine. Agreed that Asantetalk is OK, but not great. If you can't spare a whole machine for this, look for a Shiva Fastpath 5. A little obscure to configure, but mine has been bulletproof. Better yet, it will do Appletalk/IP routing, so you can get your localtalk machines working on an IP network. MacIPgw on a Pi is also a good solution.
  4. I was going to say, I think I've been selling my stuff locally too cheap
  5. Nice! Can you share details on what/where to find the screen, etc?
  6. I'll put up my hand for that 3.5" Apple II disk, if they are looking for homes.
  7. Been a while since I've posted a "conquest" but this came today and I'm a happy boy. It has a chip in the one corner, but I don't really care
  8. Yes - that's the one. I have the blue one, want to find the grey one some day...
  9. Apropos of nothing in particular, today's Powerbook combo I think they go well together! Did the grey version of this monitor ever come with the easel back stand? I have that for one of the VGA blue/white ones, but have a low-grade want for the grey one if it exists.
  10. I have a pZero sitting around. This will make me unlimber the 3D printer...
  11. It didn't look exactly like the DuoDisk, which is why I was hoping I could read the small text. I also see what looks like an odd clear keyboard behind the clear IIe. Sort of looks like the IIgs keyboard with function keys. I see you also added a DAT drive to the ANS. I'd like to find one of those someday, but it's not a big deal. I was excited that I found a clear "prison TV" with composite in at FreeGeek last weekend - would have been a great add to my clear IIe when my case arrives. Sadly it was non functional. They seem to be around on eBay, so I'll trac
  12. Any kind of external SCSI HD or Zip drive? If it's too big to fit on one floppy, there's one of the file compression utilities that can break archives up into floppy sized chunks, and then re-assembles them when you extract. I just can't remember the name right now!
  13. Glad you got a chance to play with some of your new toys! What's that on top of the /// and monitor? Looks kind of like a DuoDisk with the slots blanked out. Can't make out the text at all.
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