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  1. For earlier systems you need to have a driver/extension/control panel for the second button to be recognized. I don't recall when 2 button support was added into the system software itself. Googling seems to indicate that two button support didn't arrive in the OS until OS X. That feels late to me, but heck, that was 20 years ago now, so my recollection certainly may be faulty.
  2. I think 360alaska wins here - I pulled my Portable open again, and C9->U15B toned out OK. For what its worth, C10 and pin 11 on the corresponding Sound Right chip toned out OK as well. Testing the speaker with a multimeter I got no resistance across the speaker terminals, and trying to jump the terminals with a battery I got no pop nor movement of the voice coil. I guess I can put the speaker out of my non-backlit portable to test. Anybody have an organ donor out there? Using headphones, there's still background static-y noises that change in intensity an
  3. Time to pull mine apart again and check things out, I guess Thanks for the update!
  4. Was this on a backlit (M5126) or non-backlit (M5120)?
  5. Glad it's not just me! I haven't had a chance to pull mine apart again and check the speaker and traces.
  6. Duo owner watching this with interest!
  7. I have an original LaserWriter (well, actually a LaserWriter Plus) that needs some help. Seems like the pickup mechanism has turned to goo. When powered on, it tries to pick up a sheet for the self-test page, but there just ends up being amber goo on the top sheet, and - thankfully - it doesn't get sucked any further into the machine. I need to go find a service manual, I guess, to see how major the surgery is to take this guy apart, and figure out if there are reasonable replacement parts (or hacks) available to fix this and anything else I find. If anyone has been dow
  8. Hear, hear! I'd love a set right about now as well. Seems that they don't exist in the wild; Techknight says he doesn't know of any, and if he doesn't, then they're buried deep somewhere
  9. Put the box inside the case after you wash it. That’s to help it keep it’s shape as it dries. I used the short cycle on my washer. Not sure how long that was. It doesn’t have to be long.
  10. Put the bag on a short cycle in the washing machine, very light soap. It can take it. Take off the strap. Don't put it in the dryer! If you have an appropriately sized cardboard box put it inside as it air dries. It will help it keep it's shape. Take the box out after a day or so, and let it completely dry inside. Using a fan or two helps a lot. As far as refurbishing the floppy, it's as @LaPorta says - it's much easier than it looks. Have a pair of fine pointed tweezers to release/replace the little springs on the sides, it makes it easier. If I get on a roll with a st
  11. Thanks Techknight! I'll keep you updated with what I find...
  12. Oh - I believe you! This is the reference I found for the backlit board: https://recapamac.com.au/macintosh-portable-backlight/ I assume you mean the three caps in the upper right of this picture. I'm also going to carefully re-check the three in the lower left. It was tight to get those three down next to the keyboard connector, but not sure if they would be involved in this issue or not. Are you aware of schematics for this board floating around anywhere? portable_backlight_recap.pdf
  13. Hmm - didn't see anything obvious with a quick visual inspection. Will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday night when I can get it under the magnifier.
  14. @techknight - I've been there as well. It's a long road, but things can and will get better. I can empathize with where you are at. What helped me was not internalizing how I felt, but talking about it with wife, friends, etc. Knowing that other people knew, and cared, and were willing to cut me some slack when things weren't going well really helped in the long run. If you have folks you can open up with, give it a try.
  15. I've completed the recap of my new-to-me backlit Portable. Good news is the machine is booting and running very stable, even on the original Conner drive. What I've found, though, is that I'm not getting sound through the internal speaker. When I plug in headphones, I get sound, but it has electrical interference like a hum/static, which can vary when the screen updates etc. I plan to go back in and check my work, but thought I'd throw this out there in case the collective has any ideas or previous experience on where specifically to check. Thank
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