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  1. Hi everyone, I came across a Mac SE/30 on a craigslist of another city. The seller says that when powered on, there's a bright vertical line on CRT and no other patterns on display. Unfortunately the seller didn't have any tools to open the Mac to show me if the motherboard got sever damages. So for 250 dollars + shipping cost from another city. It might be a gamble. What would be the possible cause of the bright vertical line, could it be repaired cheaply? I heard that the bright vertical line could be the cause of cracked solder joints on the AB, but I also searched on 68kmla
  2. Hi, Byrd, Thanks for your reply. I will live with it. When I opened the case, I noticed the CRT was manufacured in 1987 so more than 30 yrs.... I almost lost love for it and wanted to abandon this "child" and sell it (since i'm a bit perfectionist), but after listening to so much advice/ so many comments, I elected to keep it as raising a handicapped boy....lol. (Maybe not an approprieate metaphor, since at this age for a computer it should be a centenarian...) Just curious, I'm dumb in electronics, and I don't know the details of how CRT works, I just know there is an eletron emit
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. Regarding the “CRT ghosting/drifting to the right” problem I searched carefully in the whole forum and find Someone with exactly the same problem (tho much worse than mine): https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/60642-se30-crt-ghosting-bleeding-to-the-right/ after recapping, swapping, and ruling out several components, he finally concluded the problem comes from the CRT Itself. Recapping the analog board won’t resolve it, only way was to swap for another CRT tube... So if someone encounters the same “bleeding to the right” problem, they’d know wha
  4. Hi, thanks everyone for the explanations. I'll leave it as-is. Hopefully this was only the non-uniform solder mask issue on top of the traces and the traces were intact. I have noticed another two small problem, i'm not sure what are the causes (propably analog board need recapping? This thing was never recapped, but the caps on the Analog board didn't budge) 1. The right-hand side of the edges of windows have some artifects, seem to be extending bright-dark lines/straight ripples towards outside (right side), just 0.5-1 cm and they ended. (as shown in pics) they're not v
  5. Hi 6502, Thanks a lot for your explanation. The previous owner seemed to store it in a basement for a longtime, since there are some rusts on the mounting rack (i dunno how it is called, the metal thing where there are screw wholes to mount this mobo on the mainbody). I don't know if those were just solder masks peeling off or the actual traces has also got rotten. Its strange since nowadays most solder mask above traces are light green, but I dunno why the traces look yellow/bronze, so I suspect that to some depth the traces have also got damaged.... It seems to me the surfac
  6. Hi Byrd, thanks. But I'm really concerned about this area (in pics) there seems to be only 0.1mm copper still connected, I really fears that they would chip off/oxidate overtime and just breaks... is there a way to strengthen/repair them to make them thicker? Or I was thinking about bodge wires to connect the RP1 and the ram slots, but too complicated, I need to desolder the sockets and the RPs, since the contact points were underneath, also if I use bodge wire to reconnect, the ram slots won't sit flat on the board again (since there'd be bodge wires going thru underneath)
  7. Hi, Thanks everyone for the reply, maybe my pic was too small, I zoomed them in, the major concern is to the left of the yellow RP1 and RP2,. there seems to be some traces already broken, I could not see any bronze copper at all. I'd like to know do I need to repair them, I don't know what are the functionality/roles of those traces. What tested and confirmed working are internal Floppies, external ADB port, nothing else is tested, esp. scsi, since I don't have spare scsi drives nor external 19pin floppy drive. Even if i leave them as-is, I'd like to preserve them from fu
  8. Hi everyone, I finally acquired an SE from eBay hoping that it doesn't have any big issues. The seller claimed that it powers on boots into the disk question mark logo. It did. I asked to see a pic of the motherboard but the seller unfortunately didn't have tools to open it. Upon receiving the SE, I opened it and took out the motherboard to clean with 99%IPA, but I found that there were some traces which are badly rotten/scratched off (see pic) They seems to lie on the left edge above the ram area. (see pics). Before cleaning it with IPA, I didn't observe any oily/grasy area nea
  9. Hi there, I recently wanted to create a physical copy of system 6.0.2 downloaded from Winworld (https://winworldpc.com/download/02864684-d7a4-11e7-a73f-fa163e9022f0) for a vintage compact mac I bought (hasn't arrived yet). The disk image could be loaded to mini vmac and bootable by directly dragging it onto the mini vmac window. But it could not be loaded by diskcopy (neither diskcopy 4.2 nor 6.x). Diskcopy will report "the mount image op didn't complete, an unexpected eof was encountered .... which may indicate that the image is corrupted or damged". upon inquiring people
  10. Hi, everyone, I was hunting for an Mac SE on ebay, the seller states that "when booted up, the machine shows a full screen of gray/dark blue image with mouse cursor appeared on top left corner, but stuck there, no floppy disk icon appears". I asked the seller, he told me that even after waiting for it for 1 hr, it was still stuck there without showing the floppy icon, The seller also posted a short youtube video, the HDD led seems to be actively flashing, but the machine didn't show the floppy icon at all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgxSAenNTDA Is this a problem
  11. ouch, the FloppyEmu could fry the chips on the motherboard?! I would like to buy a FloppyEmu, if this was really the case, I'd definitely watch out for that and rethink about it. Maybe I'd better stay with 800K drive and conventional things or more stood-the-test SCSI2SD external version so that I could change SD card and use my OSX10.5.8 VM to read and write to the HFS sd card (as means of transferring files).... Please keep us updated about your fix, and hope everything will go well.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm sorry to ask maybe a naive question, because I don't have much knowledge on Compact Macs. I wanted to purchase either a SE (quite expensive on eBay now than several years ago... regrets...) or a Classic II (saw one on local craglist), but my budeget is quite limited so I could only buy one of them . I know that Classic II has SMT capacitors on logic board, so definately I need to recap them, and the SE has better coaxial caps which may fail but rarely leak and destroy traces. But what Classic II really attracts me is that it has 68030 and could run 7.1-7.5 smoother t
  13. Thanks YMK, I pressed the "auto" button on this LG monitor, now the ripple disappeared for the 640*480 resolution. So far so good. I used to stick to this resolution because I had a graphic intensive software which could not run properly under 800*600, after that I checked its manual it said that it needed more mem for higher resolutions. I allocated more memory for it (run the get info of the app) it now runs fine under 800*600. Thanks again!
  14. Hi everyone, I have a recently bought Centris 650 (which has all factory solid capacitors on board, but I didn't recap the Power supply since it still works... I fear I might blow it). I connected it with a dumb (no DIP switch) DB15toVGA to my LG 21.5 inch LCD on the VGA port. Yesterday, after installing the SetDate patch on sys 7.5.5 (https://lowendmac.com/2019/the-looming-y2k20-bug-and-how-to-protect-your-system/), I noticed that there were some water ripple waves propagating from upper-right to lower left on the default gray desktop pattern... (see attachment) under the resoluti
  15. I’m sorry I didn’t read the whole story before going to bed, but if it wasn’t solved or if there’s an issue with the scsi controller/bus, there’s another avenue, just buy a BMOW’s floppyemu (https://www.bigmessowires.com/floppy-emu/) and mount on the external floppy port at the back, it could emulate floppy disks and also Apple HD20 (tho it’s slower than scsi HDD) for an old Mac it is sufficient. And it is convenient, all floppy and hdd are loaded as image files (*.dsk) and you can easily transfer thru mini vmac on your modern computer. the only drawback: it’s a little bit ugly you h
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