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  1. Finally got my Plus to boot off the IBM 4.3gb hard disk. So in the end it took the diode option for self termination, Lido to initialize the large disk and a patched HD Setup to partition and add the Apple driver. I stuck with 4 drive partitions, the smaller boot disk being 20mb up to 1.5gb for the largest. System OS 6.0.8, blessed folder and after several days I was able to get the Plus to boot up without the floppy disk. So before I can pack the Mac away I just need to suss out what's causing the internal floppy drive heads to fail to read or write.
  2. Hi, Ok thank you. I'll see what I can do to check them
  3. Hi, Does the Mac floppy drive fail often? I have cleaned, and lubed, the Plus floppy and still it's refusing to work. I can insert and the Plus will eject the disk with our issue. The snag is it will see the floppy as I'm glad and want to initialize it. If I say single side, it fails straight away. If I say both sides, it seems to complete but fails on the verify. Can the heads fail? What could I check and how? Other than replacing with another drive I don't know how to fix this one. Thanks.
  4. Well after success in getting the Plus to see the HD, it will not boot from it. I have tried to initialize it in a number of sizes, 2gb, 1gb, 40mb and still I can't get the Plus to boot. I can boot from the external floppy and there on the desktop are the 3 HD partitions. I have been able to transfer software and run them from the HD without issues. Just won't boot. I have ordered new v3 Roms as I read that the first Roms were buggy. !maybe that's the answer. I'll see.
  5. Well after a little effort I have been able to get the Plus to recognise the HD and format it. So although it is an IBM 4.3gb disk, after adding the terminator diode to the logic board, creating a Lido 7 disk using a .dsk copy, into vMac, saving as a dc42 format, using fluxengine to create a disk and then using my external 800k drive, I now have 2gb partitioned HD on the plus. Next is to get an OS onto it and see if I can boot from it. So far no joy.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the response. I'll see if I can find an Apple disk. Kicking myself as I only got rid of all my Apple 68k kit some years back when I didn't think I'd need it again. I will see what I can do with the link you provided too. BTW.... I am based in the South West UK( Somerset)
  7. Thanks. I will see if I can source one. I was surprised just how expensive they are. Might need to look at a cheaper solution if there is one.
  8. If it helps the disk is an IBM and its a 4gb disk. I am not sure but I thought I read that the Plus will only address upto 2gb. I have got a terminator in place and a scsi Id set to 2 as it was on the Atari. When the testing takes place, the front led flashes to indicate something is happening and at the test the Plus says it tested fine. As soon as I tell it to initiates it stops, and states it can't.
  9. Hello, I recently purchased a Plus online and I was hoping to add a HD. I have an external Scsi disk I used on my Atari ST, a 4gb one. After getting the modified HD setup software and using the Fluxengine, I have been able to create a floppy that my Plus would accept, albeit via and external drive. The setup does now recognise I have the HD connected, and will complete a Test with no issues found, but won't initialise it. Any thoughts as to the reason why? Any help or leads you can think of? Many thanks
  10. I got my first Mesagepad, a 100, recently and after sourcing a power supply, replacing a capacitor and chatting the sound to work, I'm stuck as to what to do with it. How do I get any software into it? I have found links for downloads etc and I have heard of a NCK available for Windows but struggling to find a copy and cable.
  11. Hi, After purchasing a Plus some weeks back, and realising I had no OS disks to boot from, I did look at the SD options. Deemed too expensive for me I stumbled across the FluxEngine project online too but couldn't get the Bluepill I had laying around to work. I did however get the FluxEngine board to work first time. A simple 20pin header soldered as per the instruction to the controller, a ground wire connected to the floppy drive(an old 1.44mb pulled from my pc) and it works. I have finally been able to get my Plus to boot, albeit it from an External drive into
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