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  1. Theres 5V at the jumper and the BlueSCSI reports that its finding the virtual drives and mounting them in the log file. Theres no 5V on pin 26 on the 50 pin, so the diode is necessary for power apparently. I've played around a bit with using different system versions and trying to see if it would recognize blank hdd images or system 6, 7, etc. and no luck.
  2. https://github.com/erichelgeson/BlueSCSI/blob/main/docs/1.0b-to-1.0c.adoc I did that modification so that 5V power from the blue pill can be used instead of term power from the SCSI bus. I started checking the connections between the 50 pin and 26 pin header to make sure I have their arrangement correct and it seems like I do. Pin 25 on the 26 pin had no continuity with pin 26 on the 50 pin header of the MacSnap. I might just take the MacSnap out and give it a once over and test it a bit. I don't have any SCSI Device that I know works that I could plug into it to make sure its function
  3. I actually just decided to mess with it now. There's no 5V power on pin 25, but there was 5V power on the other side of the diode that you pointed out, so thats good. I hooked up the Dupont connectors correctly (I think) and still no luck with being recognized.
  4. Yeah I had made the mistake of assuming the entire bottom row was 1-25 and the top was 26-50 in that picture. Not sure how I made that mistake when I had a diagram haha. I need to test for 5V and wouldn't mind adding a diode if it made it have power. I really want an internally powered hdd so I can just plug the computer in and use it without external drives. I was plugging the BlueSCSI into 5V power from an outlet to test. I'm definitely going to get some of those shells. Plugging in that many wires is a nightmare. I made the modification to the BlueSCSI as suggested in the development thread
  5. Here's what I ended up with. Any chance this will work or will this cable probably have too much interference? I haven't got it to work yet. I had to plug in power externally for the power light to come on, but I haven't made the revision c mod for the term power yet so its not unexpected. I got a log file on the SD card saying it recognized my hdd file and loaded it after I turned it on once, but nothing was recognized in SCSI Director when I booted from floppy emu.
  6. Ahhh that makes sense, thanks for the info! I found this guide that will actually help me more. I made my own guide thats easier to read. I got my BlueSCSI today and got it all put together. Tomorrow I'm going to go to Microcenter and get some Dupont connectors and wire it up that way to test it out
  7. My BlueSCSI has finally updated to departing regional facility after ~2 weeks of sitting in the same place about 15 minutes from my house and I am starting to think about how I am going to connect it to my Dove MacSnap SCSI adapter on my 512k. I have a 26-pin header (f) to DB25 (f) that came with the SCSI adapter and a 50-pin header (f) to 50-pin header (f) that I took from a broken external SCSI drive. I plan on using the BlueSCSI internally and want something that can connect it directly to the MacSnap board. I'm going to try and cobble together a 26-pin header (f) to 50-pin header (f) tha
  8. 68000 in a 512k, just under 40 minutes.
  9. Here is a disk that has all of the laser writer things that were in my system 6 folder. Maybe sticking one of those in there would work? I can't remember if you use system 6 or 7. https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0o_YJHy8-4A-Ae7vCAijTpCzw#Blank_800K
  10. I will run the faster code on my 512k. If I rewrite that in Pascal (I only have THINK Pascal on it right now), would it still be a fairly apples to apples comparison for something so simple? I'll look into getting a C++ compiler if not
  11. Nice, I'll soon have a beast of a 512k with 2MB RAM and an internal HDD. It'll never be outdated I wish I could just stuff an SE/30 inside of it haha
  12. That would be best case scenario, I hope it does. I just assumed that since the Mac Plus didn't, that the Dove didn't. I couldn't find anything saying that it did have it. I also don't have any SCSI devices to test it, yet. I'll report back when I get my BlueSCSI and put it together.
  13. Yup haha, the fan is actually connected to 120V, so the SCSI2SD definitely wouldn't like it. I don't think the Dove board has 5V on it, but not sure. I know the floppy drive has 5V going to it, but probably isn't a good spot to tap into because I will use my floppy emu now and then and I could see that causing some issues trying to power both at the same time. I actually just ordered a BlueSCSI and am going to go that route, but it still requires 5V power. I tested the power output from the floppy drive and got 4.9V, +12.4V, and -13.3V, so I need to adjust the voltage up a bit too
  14. The book you linked is perfect, thanks for the help
  15. Hey, thanks for the tip! I was able to figure out that I can use exp() and ln() with the base libraries. I tried earlier and couldn't get it to work, so thought it didn't exist. I didn't want to have to program in log tables or some approximation method for exponents. I didn't know about the SANE library, which is included in my install. I'll have to check it out and see what all functions it comes with. I have been impressed with THINK Pascal so far, it seems much more modern, easy to use, and feature packed than what I was expecting. Is there a way to view all the functions ava
  16. I have been using my Macintosh and THINK Pascal 4.0.2 to learn more about programming and had some questions for someone who knows more than I do. Most of my knowledge of programming comes from doing data manipulation in Matlab and I've never really had to add much to it because it comes with a lot. I am mostly interested in doing mathematics and THINK Pascal has basically nothing in that regard. It can essentially only add, subtract, multiply, and divide. I am fine with creating my own functions for some things, but am interested to know if there are libraries out there that add some math
  17. I have a 512k with a Dove MacSnap SCSI add-on and was interested in using a SCSI2SD V5.5 as an internal HDD. Instead of routing the 25 pin SCSI connector through the battery cover, I would just keep it inside and connect it to the SCSI2SD and make a bracket for it on top of the floppy drive. As for power, could I power it up a similar way I have my piezoelectric fan hooked up? Right now I have it wired to the CR23 and CR24 capacitors as recommended in Macintosh Repair & Upgrade Secrets by Larry Pina. I realize the fan isn't on 5V like the SCSI2SD needs, but I was wondering if there was som
  18. I just thought I would share my experience with these drives in case anyone else ends up doing what I did. The cable inside the case has a ground plug that is separate and one of my drives came with a tab for it to slip onto. I had two of these drives and neither worked. The one without the tab I had stuffed the ground onto the side of the case to keep it held onto the metal housing. I realized when I didn't plug this ground into anything, the drives would start working. Apparently that plug is there, but shouldn't be used?
  19. Thanks for the suggestion. The only copy I was able to find was for OS 9, though. Looking for it did, however, make me stumble upon DayStar PowerCentral that works on older systems and can benchmark disk drives. The floppy emu read/write is 37.8/31.4 KB/s according to that software. I found something somewhere that said the SCSI on the Plus caps out at ~250 KB/s. So even though the SCSI device would be severely limited on a Plus, it would still be much faster.
  20. I have a 512k with a Dove MacSnap SCSI adapter. I would be willing to do some testing if you think it is possible to get it to work on that. This is basically equivalent to a Plus right? I'm not sure if there are subtle differences in how the MacSnap works vs the Plus. I would love to have something this cheap that could connect internally. I saw a tool posted to test SCSI read/write speeds above, but does anyone know of a tool that could be used to test the read/write speeds of the Floppy Emu connected through the floppy port (pref. for system 6)? I wonder how much faster a scsi b
  21. I had planned on parting it out. Do you have anything specific you were needing?
  22. Thanks for the tips. I finally dug into it today and was able to get the switches out of my broken keyboard and put one into the good board. And it works! Mine aren't sticky or anything, but I was debating cleaning the switches on the good keyboard by just hosing them with contact cleaner and mashing them a bunch.
  23. I recently bought two M0110 keyboards. One functions perfectly, but has a broken stem on one of the keys, the other does not function at all. I want to swap a switch to have one that is fully functional. I cannot seem to get these switches out and the few things I've found online didn't really seem to help. Does anyone have any good tricks or a video for getting these out?
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