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  1. Also the same with me. Once it was reseated properly my sound came back
  2. After a dozen attempts with the same issue, I found the cause in my case. May be the same as yours.... The personality card wasn't seated perfectly. Was sitting a little higher on the end towards the case front. Possibly 1mm higher. Reseated it and it boot up from the install disk first time
  3. I'm having exactly the same scenario. Beige G3 266 desktop Booting from different 9.1, and 9.2 install disks it crashes hard just after the first extensions start loading Extensions off it does the same so doesn't look like a conflict. No PRAM battery installed Nothing in PCI slots Swapping 35gb drive to a known good blank20gb (master) makes no difference. Still crashes at the same point. I don't have any scsi disks to test with but it seems to be crashing before that would even come into play. Will have to heck the ROM version
  4. I've got the same issue on a Mac Mini g4 1.25. In the modified 9.2.2 installer, USB mice work briefly then stop although the mouse buttons work. Managed to get through the install with keyboard shortcuts and plug/unplug move the curser an inch and repeat until i get it lined up with the buttons. Once installed and booted the mouse works 'most' of the time (3 out of 4 boots). Keyboards continue to work. I've tried with 2 different optical wired mice and a wireless logitech mouse and it's the same deal. Installing the shut down control panel means I can reboot from the keyboard easily enough. Fr
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