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  1. I have read that the non pro variant have low ir resolution and is on finer pitch pretty blurry. The Pro variant is really good it seems but 400€ is too much for my budget. I hope it will be usefull.
  2. So ordered the Flir One ver3 non pro usb-c variant. What kind of software did you wrote for it? Does it run on Android?
  3. I think I will order the Flir One IR camera. I don't want to desolder every 5V rail ceramic cap. Any recommendations regarding thermal cameras?
  4. I have washed the board through the dishwasher, removed all shorted/5V rail black and yellow tantalum caps. The short is still there. Between GND and 5V the multimeter shows between 16-17 and it beeps, I think the value is in mOhm? Should I start to remove those tiny ceramic caps too? They also sometimes seem to fail with a short. The PSU set to 5.4V the board draws between 2.2A and 2.3A. After a short while there is nothing too hot but if I wait longer the 4x 74F245 between the Nubus slots and the AT&T package are the hottest. I don't have any thermal camera. I just touched with my finger
  5. I have read the pinout in reverse, not the -12V is short to GND, it is the 5V rail. The board is in the dishwasher now without soap. Should I put the board completely in isopropal 99% before drying?
  6. I need some help regarding my Quadra 840AV. I have got this Macintosh stock. The behavior was at power on: Very dim Power LED, black screen and only FANs were spinning. 2 days later I have powered it on again and the power LED wasn't powering on any more but FANs were spinning. After longer power on time and some powering on and off I have heard the startup chime but still no video signal. Then I have removed all the old electrolytic capacitors, cleaned off the legs and the capacitor leakage with vinegar and isopropal 99%, scratched off trace covers where a corrosion was visible. I
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