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  1. The 3d printing community has evolved, and there are nice 3d printers available for very reasonable money if you are prepared to do some work and educate yourself. With FDM printers and large flat surfaces, the challenge is usually calibration and alignment of the XYZ axis. Using the center of the build platform is easier, but when expanding the surface area, the position errors of the printhead gets bigger and is more difficult to adjust for. Smaller parts like those below is easier. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4031999
  2. I think you are right. Focus on the functionality and powersupply, make it as easy as possible to transplant the parts. When it comes to cosmetics, I guess with 3d printing, people can come up with all kinds of crazy ideas. It would actually be more interesting to see new designs with a nod towards Apple legacy, instead of "another powermac 7100 style chassis"..
  3. What could be done is using an existing atx minitower and desktop case and crowdfund different inserts, with mounting holes, clips and slots adapted to a few of the most common mac internals. That way a transfer would be much easier. Then the front parts could be 3d cad modeled and 3d printed, either by yourself or an online service. My experience is that you need to tune the settings and print angles quite a bit to get flat surfaces up to a good finish. The true DIY er and perfectionist will of course sand them and paint the parts with a custom mac beige spray paint
  4. There is nothing like the sound of a dot matrix printer! Which model is it? The mps-801 looked retro-spacey, but was insanely loud, if I remember correctly. There was a black, later one as well that looked nice!
  5. Hmm, seems that I might be wrong about mac drivers for BJC-80 and 85.The only drivers I found was to an attachment, Canon is-12, wich replaces the printhead and turn the printer into a scanner.. A bit strange that there are drivers for the accessories but not the printer itself..
  6. Found this in a basement storage.. Parallel printer port, drivers for dos & win95. Found fairly inexpensive cables online, parallel ->usb that works with MacOs 9.x -> osx 10.5. The BJC-80 & 85 should work with MacOS classic. Whats your experience of connecting vintage printers using generic/same brand printer drivers?
  7. Thanks! Did a bit of research and found that there are a few different versions, some with “x” in the end of the product name. I suppose those are guaranteed to work with OSX? I need one for MacOS 9/usb, but I guess they are compatible?
  8. Update 2: So, I tried today to compare some older videos, compressed with h.264 and recompressing the original files with h.265 and push the bitstream to really low levels. Honestly, I cant se much of a difference at 720x576 comparing the results. Original file: DV video 28895Kbit/s total size: 3.14 GB h.264 compression 1864Kbit/s total size: 217Mb h.265 compression 485Kbit/s total size: 69Mb The purist would of course be in horror seeing the bitrates. But now its actually an option to put the whole thing in the cloud, sharing it with family since its mos
  9. An update: It works! Actually better than I thought it would. The major issue is of course getting the files off the PB, i only have a USB HDD and copying large files are extremely slow. So, I went down to our storage and dug through the piles of electronics, found a HP nx9240 17" with a FW input, totally forgot I even had that laptop Win 7 and a C2D 2.23 with USB 2.0 is a "bit" quicker.. I have 15 tapes to capture.. A note on the newer codecs.. I tried the newest HEVC H.265 codec (wich BTW is not included in win10, I had to purchase it). It was too heavy of an work
  10. Yes, at the time it was a luxury to connect your camcorder to a computer.. What make me hesitate is the hard disk requirement.. At a closer investigation 13gb / hour is needed. Thats 200Mb / minute. So, compression is a must, but thats not a viable option on an old G3, although it would be interesting to see how many hours/days that would take or if its burning through my desk due to heat.. Copying 13gb over usb 1.1 is not exactly tempting either. You can of course do it chunks, since the tapes consists of many different video recordings from different occasions. A
  11. Yes, you are correct. I thought at a quick glance that DVC was a compression method of DV, but DVC is as you pointed out, a slightly improved format with a wider track pitch when recorded on tape. It's quite a technological djungle actually, I found at least 5 different variations on the DVC format itself all remains from the time when the Japanese corp giants competed.. DV seem to use the Discrete Cosine Transform compression method, as JPEGs, Mp3s etc.
  12. I guess I need to get the cables and try then. According to the dv-specs it's 720x576 at 24fps (PAL). 25Mbit/s with the dvc compression, plus the audio. As I recall, the PB Lombard had a mpeg-2 card besides the graphics card to decode the dvd stream, while the Pismo has that function built in into the GPU. Found a image that seems to confirm it's also accelerates dv-capture, so you are right about that it probably will work..
  13. I got my hands on a Sony miniDV tape viewer/tranfer station recently with a FW output. I guess the PB Pism FireWire implementation is one of the earlier ones. It seems FW400 came in different flavours with transfer speeds ranging from 98 to 393 Mbit/s. The main bottleneck is probably the HDD. I have a SSD sata gen.2 that might be a suitable canidate for a replacement with an adapter. But what about the cpu? G3 400MHz is too slow I suspect. Has anyone here tried it? Is it even possible? Edit: BTW, is there a suitable capture software for MacOS Classic that accep
  14. Would be fun to raise a ticket at Apples support site and report this as a software bug Interesting to see if there is anyone left with a sense of humour at Apple or if all those guys are retired by now.. Anyway, keep reporting! It's a very interesting and fun read
  15. As an upcoming project I have been planning for an updated, 3d printed version of the Appledesign Powered speakers 2. I have the enclosure specs, but it would be nice with a pdf with the drawings and measurements, if there ever was such a thing. Can only find the pdf for the taller, first version?
  16. Don't know if you have this technical note. https://www.fenestrated.net/mirrors/Apple Technotes (As of 2002)/os/os_06.html
  17. Well, I would probably dig through the Apple Developer magazines from that time. You might find something in there. https://vintageapple.org/develop/
  18. Out of curiosity: What kind of values does the control strip module return? Are they of the same type, within a certain range but random, or is it just a complete mess? The only other control strip module that uses a slider is probably the volume control? I wonder if there are any source code or examples available on this topic on some of the Apple programming CDs from the early 90s?
  19. Aha, now I see it. It's the fingertip version. 1990? System 6? Up to 4 monitors? Was that even possible back then?
  20. Found an image of the back of the box. Doesn't seem to be a mouse, more like an early, minituarized touch pad. Up to 4000x4000dpi? :-o
  21. What is it? Has anyone tried it?
  22. So, I need some kind of mini-din serial to USB cable/adapter. I've seen something similar used for plc programming, but I suspect that the pinout might be different. Did Apple ever made such an adapter or were there only 3rd party ones? Edit: Hmm. When I think about it, does the Stylewriter driver even allow printing over usb?
  23. +1. With some modification to the color palette, the flight scene could be the sequel to Another World, after the ending scene, perhaps? Rewriting the horrible Heart of the Alien, that fortunately never made it to the Mac.
  24. Yes, I've seen the guides and it seems to be a long and tiresome process. One of my G4s are having overheating problems, and after resetting the pmu with no succes, I consider opening it to have a look. Any experience?
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