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  1. You’ve been working on this most of the time I’ve known you. So exciting you’ve succeeded! also that’s a very clear and in-depth explanation - thanks! I doubt I’ll be attempting to duplicate your efforts any time soon but I’d love a hi-res grayscale compact Mac one day
  2. Thanks for your tips @trag and @Franklinstein, I don't think replacing the CPU heatsink compound would ever have occurred to me as a thing to fix. I think I've only done it once before many years ago. Sounds like I'd better be very careful! Time is super limited right now, but hopefully I can give that a go sometime in the Autumn
  3. Thanks for checking about that. I do have the PDS terminator installed. Sometimes on startup the computer reports a problem with the cache card. So I'm wondering if I need to give all the contacts in the ROM, Cache, and PDS slots a really good clean. If they're a little corroded perhaps the cards aren't always being seen, and could be the cause of the issues I'm seeing. I'm going to give it another try later today.
  4. Oh wow! And you're in the UK! I've uploaded one of my more recent stacks into that collection and it's super fun to explore being a mega HyperCard enthusiast myself
  5. The adapter I use has no settings or switches, just a pass through. I've replaced all the capacitors - see my original post. Thanks for the suggestions, I think it's more likely a faulty chip or a damaged trace somewhere on the board. I'll keep looking!
  6. It is an LCD, but worked absolutely fine at 832 x 642 with it until now. The video works fine from a Nubus card, and may well do from a PDS card too, but I'm trying to fix the *internal* video
  7. So I've been restoring a couple of WGS 9150s. One is an original (80mhz) and the other a 9150/120. The 9150/80 was exhibiting these issues regularly: crashing with type 1, type 2, and type 3 errors after some usage internal video sometimes had random pixels of noise (in random colours) here and there occasionally the internal video also didn't work, just a black screen on boot I figured this was all probably RAM related. I removed all the SIMMs and the problems were still there. So then I suspected its 8mb of DRAM soldered to the board.
  8. It's not got a main battery nor a back up (PRAM) battery installed. I'll give the PSU a test this evening
  9. Hi all. I recently acquired a PB Duo 250. It had to sit in a drawer for a few months before I could get to it, partly because all my PSUs for Duos are in storage. I now have a working PSU but on boot all I get are death chimes. Apple service manual says this is a memory issue... and to replace the logic board. Obviously I would prefer to rescue this board rather than do that. It also has no video showing on the display. I replaced all the electrolytic caps and gave the board's top and bottom a general clean with IPA but still the same issue. I've
  10. BTW - any Dynamac users that don't already know this. There's an extension to make your Dynamac use the full screen resolution of 640 x 480, otherwise it defaults to 512 x 342
  11. I think they may have been a gas plasma display, but all the Dynamacs I've seen, including my own have an electroluminescent screen. I think it's also why the model number has an "EL" in it.
  12. Yes, I've only ever managed to successfully format a SCSI2SD with Lido. Not sure how other people have managed to use other software such as the patched HD SC Setup. I've tried using it multiple times and it's never fully worked. Enjoy your new faster Mac!
  13. Woo! Glad you found the time to document it and get it out publicly! Reminds me that I have a PCB that needs populating sitting in a drawer here...
  14. @Bolle incredible work - again! And brilliant that you fixed @JDW's card too. James you must be very pleased! I'm not sure there's much hope for my card... but I've not had the bravery to test it again recently. I assume it is dead. To cheer myself up I am recapping a very very dirty SE/30 logicboard today, hoping to bring it back to life with a good clean.
  15. Oh nice! My first job after leaving secondary school was working pre-press. But it was at a big book publisher. This was 2000, so we had G4 towers by then (IIRC). I find the Radius 24 card naming scheme quite confusing, but always have my eyes out for a 24X or similar... one day!
  16. Not of help to you... but I saw another of your other posts about the 24X. Can you tell me why you favour it so much? I saw one for sale recently - should I own one too?!
  17. It was my impression that they never got Be OS working on G3, but I could be wrong! I have it on a Umax 604e-based clone too (a Super Pulsar)
  18. Yeah, not sure. I hear there's a hack to use them as VU metres for the sound output... but I've not found it yet
  19. The blinkenlights work... see video here: ) :
  20. I don't have a clue - although there seem to be 'plenty' (if you can say about such a scarce thing) of them in Europe as far as I can tell from mentions in forums...
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