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  1. I like the early days of these discs. When the standard was not really defined and several options were available. Imagine for example if Apple decided to use the Amstrad CF2, 3 inch discs for their Macintosh instead.
  2. The keyboard was included with the purchase, but not the ADB cable, a bit weird ahaha. I prefer this rather than the IBM-compatible extended keyboard.
  3. Thanks. Yeah sometimes I should watch eBay but I think it's a lost case, too much expensive most of the times. I'd prefer someone letting me try one to be certain that my PDS card works, because I could buy the monitor and then realize that the very card does not work.
  4. Hello people! I'm Frank. New here. As I can't find any new users introduction subforum I think the best way to start here is introduce my 030 bighead: Two years ago I got this SE/30, and these are the current repairs I've made: - recapped the logic board because it prevented it of starting - repaired a cracked solder joint of the analog board because it was throwing a vertical line. - Superdrive replaced - Mouse and ADB cable for the keyboard purchased. - Hard drive repaired and rescued old data. Now working with system 6.0.7. A Wicked Fast wannabe!
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