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  1. 9600's seem to be finicky with flat or no PRAM battery on startup... power on, wait for the chime, give it a few seconds, then power off and on again and it starts. Only seems to be with 9600's best I can tell. I have to do this with mine almost every startup because i havent bought batteries yet.
  2. I reckon that ATX hack is worthy of it's own thread and a sticky if ever anything was!
  3. Hmmmmm.... might be time to try a reflow on my artefacty Rage128 card.
  4. So given that I usually run my 9600/200MP with a Crescendo G3/400 card for daily driving because it is fast, cool-running and not terribly hungry, I have a dual-604 daughtercard sitting in the cupboard most of the time not doing much. I'm keeping it for if I ever decide to revert back to standard for funzies but it is basically going unused. Now I also have a fairly wicked 7600/200 I built many years ago, and from memory the later 7/8/9 machines shared similarish architecture and iirc the Crescendo upgrade cards were cross-compatible with all of these mahines. This leads me to ponder whet
  5. Yep it's almost guaranteed that the PSU is cactuar, and this will be the primary issue that prevents it powering on... However it is likely that it has logic board issues or will have them eventually. Unfortunately, the PCI-x G5's were complete and utter garbage. I have a 2.0DP that makes a good shelf for this reason... It's unstable and unreliable as hell, and sometimes dumps a CPU when it feels like it, rendering it only a single-processor machine. In the end I opted not to fix it and simply replaced it with a PCI-e 2.0 dual-core instead given how far the prices of 2nd had G5's have dropped.
  6. Hmmmm I might drop it down a slot in that case and try again. I was getting a fair bit of wierdness all round after I put it in so that is likely the answer... the more you know!
  7. I do actually have one of these floating around somewhere in one of my stacks, might actually do just that!
  8. 9.2.2 should fly along beautifully on the 1.0 Ti... not entirely sure about Leopard's performance however. I know as much as it will run, however it may be a little painful as I don't beleive the Ti runs a hugely powerful graphics controller. It would help to turn off some of the UI graphics effects to speed it up a little. Bear in mind that leopard does not support Classic mode, so you must actually boot into OS9 entirely to use it.
  9. I agree with Falcon on this point... I'd leave the Cube a Cube and instead opt for a less rare machine to franken the CC with such as an early G4 Mini, which are twice as fast as a Cube anyway. I'm not terribly comfortable with the idea of irreversibly franking a Colour Classic either but I guess if there is a really poor example out there that is electronically cactus, then it's probably a good way to re-use the machine.
  10. For what it is worth you likely will not hate the experience as much as you might expect if you play your cards right with the initial setup... I actually go out of my way to use the 9600 for a lot of things, simply because I can, and there is period or even current software available that does most things I want it to fairly quickly and efficiently. With a later machine you have a lot more in the way of system resources to play with, and with most older G4 machines you have the option of using Mac OS 9 which can actually streamline things quite a bit.
  11. Hmmmm that's what I was thinking, that it might be actually logic board related rather than the Targa card itself. I might actually bring the 7600 over later today and throw in the Targa card and see if it works or if it displays the same symptoms... Seems like the easiest diagnoses I guess. Unless of course the TNT board have similar issues... But I wont get that pessimistic yet! lol
  12. So I booted up the 9600 this evening and it froze before the icons appeared on the desktop, which I discovered after I turned back around to open up Classilla and check something out. So I restarted it and this time it booted up but gave me a dialogue saying that localtalk bridge couldnt run because Appletalk was off... unusual behaviour but I decided to just go and turn it back on, however in doiing so, the AT control panel gave me a dialogue telling me that Ethernet port (E2), my PCI ethernet card, was no longer available and that it was selecting the built-in port. I restarted it and m
  13. I'm very much a fan of the 5400 and even moreso the 5500... There was a lot of machine in them for the money, with a decent video controller as well, and they were actually decently expandable for an AIO unit. Only real drawback was the small capacity for RAM, which stands now at 256Mb capped out. But yes, you shouldnt have an issue with 60ns modules and generally you can mix and match a little. I have 60ns modules in my 9600 with a G3/400 upgrade in it and it runs perfectly well. The important thing is that the voltage is correct or things blow up.
  14. The stomping of the various YT frontends was a direct result of the API changeover, yes... a month ago, they all still worked. I hate Youtube a whole lot, not gonna lie. But anyway, pertaining to the original subject matter, whilst not wanting to detract from the intent, this isnt as much of a challenge as it might seem. Any new-world G3/4/5 machine can be used fairly functionally still if it has the resources to run 10.4 or if you are willing to run OS9 or programs in Classic mode. Due to the number of die-hard PPC advocates, there are a lot of open-source solutions around still being
  15. I had a 475 that did the same thing Elfen, and it turned out to be bad pin rot from leaking caps on a fairly significant chip (can't remember which one but suffice to say it was stuffed. At that particular time I had no real interest in the 475 and had one that worked fine so I beleive I just threw the board away. unfortunately, that one that worked was the same one that I posted in the battery explosion thread some time ago now which had a cataclysmic explosion under the lid during a period of storage, which would have made that junked board seem a breeze to repair in hindsight...
  16. I have an entire cupboard full of them... Not sure I have enough for every single one of the 50ish Mac's I own, but certainly enough for every one that I would be using concurrently and then plenty left over.
  17. The 575 was always the pick of the crop for me... Has the nice Sony screen still but has the '040 in it so still quite usable. As a series though, the 5xx are still probably among my favourite 68k Mac's.
  18. Yep! Straight into the bootable floppies blessed System folders and they are good to boot off... then just copy into your 520's System Folder on it's hard drive and restart and it should boot right through.
  19. Unfortunately it will be 575's only for me in the forseeable future... Unless I take a trip to the states. lol
  20. Nope not a special version, you just need the correct system enabler installed, which for a 520 is System Enabler 403. You need to make a boot floppy with a blessed system folder containing 403 so that it is bootable on your specific machine, then when it is booted, copy 403 over to the hard drive's 7.1 System Folder. After that it will boot right up. I made myself an almost universal 7.1 boot floppy for such situations which is actually a copy of the Disk Tools floppy from my set of genuine LCIII diskettes, but has all of the enablers that I am likely to use dropped into the folder suc
  21. I'll be back. I just have to... go and do... a thing. Over here. yes...
  22. Tonight's project was to get the CC playing nice over Ethernet, which then turned into installing and setting up MacTCP and finally after some degree of fiddling and tweaking setting, culminated in this... I am a little excited by the fact I have a 16Mhz Mac connected directly to high speed broadband and browsing the web in some rudimentary form. I was also equally chuffed to find out the original Mosaic/Netscape page is still up after 22 years, making it an ideal candidate as the first web page to hit up on a 10" trinitron.
  23. Yeh I'm quite enjoying using it actually... posting this from it in fact. I still havent worked out exactly what it's affliction to the R7k or the properly working Rage128 is yet, but it is functioning fine witha TT in it so that suits me fine. I ended up tossing in the G3/400-1Mb Sonnet card this afternoon before work and it is still a little sluggish but noticably more fluid than with the 200MP card in it... There is also a good chance I am suffering Porsche-Syndrome going back to an old world PowerPC and G3 after using the G5 for so long. lol... I do still beleive there is some performance
  24. Sounds like all systems are go then. Might do the switcheroo then. Would I be right in assuming the majority of programs wouldn't really be able to make use of the multiprocessing functionality of the stock processors and as such I would pretty much be basically no better off than running a single 200MHz 604 in many applications?
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