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  1. I shall have a look through maxx1zz's mirror and see if I can get a direct link... I simply pulled it out of my local dump of the defunct older software downloads page.
  2. Welccome aboard from a fellow 9600 owner! Impressive looking setup you have... mine is a fairly meaty setup also, but definitely not quite in the league of what you describe above. I'd definitely say a 9600 constitutes vintage by this point in it's life, and at that, what a machine they are! Mine is an early revision (non-Kansas) 9600/200MP... I bought it because it was the dual-604 200MP model and I always wanted one, but seeing as though I also had the option of buying a Crescendo G3 upgrade I used that as it makes it far more useful and versatile for the best part. Spec's are as follo
  3. The Delta power supplies seem to lack in reliability in this day and age... that being said, I have both a 7300 and a WGS 7350 with logic bosrd issues (likely failed caps), that cause wierd behaviour and a failure to boot to raster, so this is also a distinct possibility.
  4. Well... just after I posted this, I had a feret around through one of the Older Software mirrors and came across the G3 Ethernet update 2.0.4, containing an update of the Apple Built-In Ethernet extension that was intended to fix seemingly the exact issue i was having, with it being perculiar specifically to the beige G3, as best I can tell. The 9600 now mounts the drive over the network from the G3, and the G3 seeing the 9600. So for future reference, if you have this issue, grab yourself a copy of the G3 Ethernet 2.0.4 update and replace the existing built-in ethernet extension with
  5. As the title suggests, my beige G3/300 Minitower running OS 8.6 will not display networked computers in the Chooser, nor will it display anything in the Network Browser. I think I have mostly ruled out a hardware failure or incompatibility (including a bad cable) by the fact that it connects to the router and correctly negotiates IP parameters via DHCP, as well as seeming to have no real issues browsing the net, outside of those caused by the incompatibility of IE4.5 with almost anything on the modern web. The problem would appear to affect Appleshare specifically. I have my 9600 powered
  6. Can you please describe in greater detail exactly what part of the process fails? To be able to diagnose and troubleshoot, we need to have abetter idea of what the nature of "doesnt work" is. Presumably it will not boot a system from the drive, however does the drive spin up at all and if it does, does it stay spinning or spin up then shut down?... if it spins up, are there any access noises, or other noises that are less promising? Assuming the drive does actually spin up to full RPM, does it mount a volume on the desktop when booted from a floppy or another drive, orr does it simply act as t
  7. Ah that does make plenty of sense, and if PRAM battery charge is a contributing facctor to the functionality of the power key, well I am going to assume this is where my issue lies, as I believe the battery I put in is dead... only put it in temporarily to boot the machine and install Linux on it, as many New World machines wont power on without a PRAM battery installed (even if it is a dead one... so long as there is a battery there)
  8. Quick question pertaining to AGP Powermac towers... Was the ability to use a keyboard power key removed from Mac towers when they started shipping with Pro Keyboards? I went to power on my Sawtooth with the power key on my lime keyboard instead of reaching down to hit the power button, however it was entirely unresponsive to it, and also is unresponsive to the ctrl+cmd+power key-combo that restarted older Mac's. It doesnt even flash up a shutdown dialog when booted (although that may be a case of Linux not recognising that function). It's like the power key doesnt exist. I can't imagine Ap
  9. Ah yes this sounds like the flat battery/double boot peculiarity that seems to be specific to the 8600 and 9600.... Basically, if the PRAM battery is flat or missing, they will chime and go no further and display no raster on the first power-up. To get around it you must hit the power, turn it off after a couple of seconds and turn it on again, after which it will work. Mine just seems to have an affliction to certain video cards though also... it's really quite bizzarre. I havent tried it with my Kansas board to see if it makes a difference.
  10. Lols or internet cancer... one of the two. Maybe even both.
  11. This thread just keeps on delivering... I love it!
  12. Before I go any further, I must call a point of order...I cannot help but to detect a hint of passive-aggressive, sarcastic scoffing in the tone of the above post. I am unsure as to whether you meant it to be condescending in nature or not, but it certainly does have a rather derisory air which really is unneccessary and quite unwelcome. This forum exists as a place for enthusiasts to discuss their common hobby and support one another, and there are many people here more than willing to impart their knowledge and/or experience and to provide possible solutions when help is sought. The n
  13. So, as of last night I managed to get the 7600/200 running and booting with one of it's original HDD's (the other is fubar).... turns out the failure to boot properly was a result of a bad DIMM which i have isolated to one of two that were installed years ago. This might go some way to explaining the random sporadic freezes it used to suffer when i still used it. Unsure as to what I will do with it after i clean it up... I have stripped the Radius firewire card and the USB card out of i and reboxed them, as well as taken out all but 40Mb of RAM at the moment.The only non-standard parts ar
  14. Good stuff! For future reference it is good practice to remove any battery that is present in an old (or even newer) Mac you pick up and either leave it out or replace it with a brand new one. Fresh stock from Saft, a reputable brand used as OEM parts in Macs for years, are cheaply available from eBay in the 1/2AA size used in all Mac's other than the 128k/512k/Plus series, right through until theswitch to button cells in the late dual-core models of the G5.
  15. It is highly likely you had multiple bad modules... tbh they might even work fine on a PC of a similar era , however Mac's tend to be a little sensitive to shit quality RAM. That is likely the intitial root of your issues. New World towers tend to be a little temperamental when it comes to major changes in hardware configuration such as graphics cards, RAM, or CPU's, also and you should make a habit of resetting the cuda via the logic board button after every upgrade... remove all power, pull battery and hold for 15 seconds then release. The cuda reset is often an answer to many Sawtooth a
  16. I shall PM you mate, but yes, I am rather keen on the aforementioned! shipping shouldnt be prohibitively expensive across the drink for small items such as those anyway. The offer is very much appreciated... I can definitely put both these things to good use!
  17. As covered above, can confirm that with the correct cable it is simply a matter of plug and play. The only consideration being that you must use the printer port for the purposes of networking on at least older Macs... I beleive OS8 may allow networking through the modem port also, but cannot say that with 100% certainty. Have done it plenty of times for transfers between various machines. But yes, I beleive my cables were from SW1500's... that said it'd be much better to get some Farrallon PhoneNet or similar style DIN8-RJ11 localtalk tranceivers to allow connection of multiple machines
  18. You sir, have won the internet for today,... well... yesterday.
  19. Yep.. that's a flat battery... pull it out and change it before it leaks. These settings are saved in volatile memory and being that the compact monochrome Mac's are hard-power only, when you switch off the switch, these settings are lost if the battery is flat or missing. I emplore you to if nothing else, to pull the batteries immediately. The Plus has one in the back behind a removable panel near the power switch. It is likely to be nearly 30 years old, and they can leak down onto the logic board if left in. And the Classic II is from an era where Maxell batteries were used in many Macs
  20. This is the 21st century... If it sounds too stupid to be done, there is every chance somebody has done it! lol Kinda like Rule 34... But not pertaining to pr0n in this instance.
  21. Not gonna lie... this thread has taken a direction that I enjoy. :D
  22. I've had a memory daughtercard go bad on one of my Classics... thought the logic board was toast initially but swapped in another daughtercard with the same SIMMs (i cant remember how i diagnosed it but i think it was by accident) and it worled again. tried the removed card in the other classic (before the A/B went) and it didnt play ball either, with or without SIMM's installed. But yes, that dark grey raster prior to bootup is normal... But it shouldnt stay there.
  23. Something not particularly rare or well liked... perhaps a 7xxx Powermac as I wont be upset if you blow the ADB circuitry on one of those. Incidentally, my MacAlly AEK-clone recently died and I beleive it may have been a result of hotplugging in my 9600.
  24. My Graphite DV SE has the inner bezels from a very early (99?) DV so yes, i can verify the slotload bezels are 100% interchangable with each other. Thre is a difference if I recall in the position of the CPU heatsink in the metal chassis itself which makes it very ill advised to put 350/400/450 logic boards in 500/600/700 chassis and vice versa. And well, my experience has it at least that the later ones actually have worse plastics than the early ones. Obviously this is dependant just as much on the environment and manufacturing variations from batch to batch, but well... there seem to be ple
  25. I do it a lot more than I really should...always have. But I try not to make it too much of a habit, because I know Im not meant to. For one, if I pull a keyboard, the cursor speed goes spastic and ends up rather slow.
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