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  1. Thats actually not a terrible idea.... i used to do that with styrene plastic model planes if small parts broke. I also used superglue to fix stress cracks in the shell of my Pismo and they have held up fine for years. :)That said this particular example is beyond repair... the bezel is in at least 50 pieces all over my floor!
  2. Ahhhh I forgot about Jaycar... I believe we have a Jaycar still, just gotta work out where they are now as the building the used to share with Uncle Petes Toys got sold and i know they relocated. I'm in Nowra just south of Wollongoing. But yeh cheers for that guys I will keep a list of the above handy!
  3. Do these have a replacable fuse of some description in them? I have two yoyos, one well used one which I have had since about 2004 when i found out about the Lombard brick adapter recall (also apparantly a fire hazard) and had sent free by Apple, and one that I bought as a replacement for my spare adapter from my old 1400, which just inexplicably blew up one night. Anyway, the older one appears to get power still somehow as i can hear interference in the speakers of the Pismo when i wiggle it, and it sparks in the power point when I plug it in with the switch on, it used to drop in and out unt
  4. I've got a DT sitting in the shed which I have to get round to playing with.... I'm unsure of the specs as I only paid cursory attention to it when i got it. It was just a machine i didnt yet have. I have a feeling it'd be a 233 or 266. If it is one of the slower models, and I can find where I put the old 300mhz ZIF i turfed out of my blue G3 when i upgraded it, I'll probably throw that in and soup it up a little just for a giggle, and I dare say when I get round to procuring a Radeon for my Yikes, i'll pass the old 16Mb Rage card down to the beige as well.
  5. Correct... revised ATA controller is the only real difference. The 1st revision had issues with corrupting data when using HDD's larger than 10Gb on the primary IDE bus, and/or running a slave drive. Whether you will experience this issue with a rev.1, and how severe it will be varies from computer to computer and HDD to HDD. My 450 was purchased as a 300mhz Rev.1 initially and I ran a 40Gb Seagate drive and a 10Gb Seagate on the internal primary bus, and ran the corruption tester and it came up with zero errors... conversely the other one I have was originally also a 300 rev.1 and we put a 12
  6. Yosemite architecture boards are notoriously temperamental and very sensitive to things such as poor ram, dusty connectors, PRAM battery issues, overclocking.... just about everything. I've owned 3 G3's... two Rev. 1 and one Rev. 3, and still have one of each, and a Yikes G4 which is essentially rev. 3 of the Yosemite logic board... It's near identical to the rev.2 except for the deletion of ADB and the inclusion of a G4 CPU boot enabler.... or more to the point a lack of a G4 boot disabler. Yep... they actually did that from what Ive read. Thanks Apple. But yeh, I've played with em, over
  7. So as I understand it you are wanting to know how the summer 2000 iMac 500 with 16Mb VRAM compares with the previous variant with 8Mb? I cant give an entirely educated answer one as I have only used the 500/8mb and 600/16mb boards... havent thus far come across one of the 500/16 variants as yet to make a comparison as they appear to be a fairly uncommon variant round these parts. The combination of 100mhz gain in speed and better video with more VRAM tho I can say with certainty makes for a very noticably better experience, particularly running Tiger, as I found out by running the same h
  8. Thanks buddy! Yes the Snow is a very nice usable machine... also a nice part of the decore! If anything it does some things with a little more grace than my G4, even... AGP graphics on the the iMac vs PCI on the G4 no doubt has a bit to do with it, as well as the faster CPU. The more I think about it the more I am leaning towards re-boarding the Graphite with a 600 one, as the difference the doubled VRAM and bumped up CPU speed makes between a 500 and 600 imac is actually a lot greater than anybody would probably credit. Also , love this site btw, as an aside!
  9. Nice find! I have a few SE's myself... in fact my first ever Mac was an SE with dual floppies. I currently still have an FDHD and an SE Superdrive, and somewhere I have an SE/30. I always liked to play with the networking side of old Macs... one had a localtalk network bridged into my home ethernet which was cool. Localtalk, whilst very very rudimentary in terms of what it can do as a network by todays standards, can be a lot of fun to play with if you can get hold of the serial trancievers for it. I still have a box full of them somewhere or another. And I still used to use my Plus to ty
  10. My grandmother also adopted computers fairly early on in the piece... back in the P1 days, with a little push from my dad who was one of the two guys who set up our towns first locally run ISP. Nan was a writer, a lobbyist and also had a few penpals so her initial interest was in the PC as a tool to replace her Canon word processor (anybody remember that piece of ancient history?)... meanwhile I got my grandfather, a former private pilot, interested in MS Flight Sim which ive been a tragic for since very early childhood. Well... come the turn of the century, email was taking a hold as a
  11. Hahahaha that was the best story ive heard in ages! And props to them for keeping a DA up and running still... I remember when they were still new I was awestruck by them. I actually still use a Yikes G4 myself as my everyday computer... it's running a 500mhz Encore CPU upgrade and maxed out at 1GB of RAM and runs Panther wicked fast and even runs Tiger nice and smoothly, if a little slower than Panther due to the graphics-intensive nature of the UI and the fact it's still running the stock 16Mb Rage128 graphics card. My parents paid for half of a G3/300 B+W for me many many years ago no
  12. Just a quick question to any Australian Mac guys in the know... where is the best place to go about getting replacement caps, diodes, resistors etc of the types used in compact Macs? I used to buy mine from a local shop named Haven Electronics which specialised in the supply of such components... you could get almost every cap, diode, resistor, IC for anything it seemed, but as the demand for parts to facilitate component level repairs diminished due to the advent of cheap nasty disposable electronics, Haven faded into history. Last time I was there was about 2002 when I had to recap my Ma
  13. Man reading this makes me glad I held onto my collection for the past 14 years... I have a bench in my shed that literally looks something like this ---->> hehehe Funny thing is, back when I got them, ya couldnt give em away... the only things that were worth any for collectible value were the 128k, the Lisa, the early Apple II's, and some of the various limited editions, freaks and flops... things like the Mac TV, the SE/30, the Color Classic, the Directors Edition 5xxx Powermacs, the 20A Mac etc... Hell, 512k's werent even considered valuable, they were just hard to get cos
  14. First post.... here goes... Ill do intros later. A few days ago I procured a Summer 2000 model iMac DV SE from my younger brother, the 500mhz model with DVD and 30Gb drive in it, and in graphite... I have slotload iMacs coming out my ears of all descriptions, but this one being a DV SE/500 and more specifically Graphite in color makes it of interest to me and worth playing with. Most of my others are early DV's and low-end Summer 2001 500s that are in uninspiring Indigo. I've built a few slotload iMacs in my days of playing with Macs... the most recent being a Snow 600 known as Frank
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