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  1. Ah, sorry. Did you mean like the flat cable from the 500 series? If so, then I don’t know..
  2. At this point, he’s just willing to make them for people. He’s working on the hinge caps for me now. Also getting him to fabricate new rubberized feet for the Mac Portable.
  3. Just as a note, I happen to have the Apple Power Macintosh Upgrade Card for Quadra series, and it is tested good. 66Mhz version.
  4. Technically you could hook up the A/B switch and have it mounted on the back of the pizza box. That way you could still use the internal drive OR the FE when you need to.
  5. Hey, just wanted to share my recent success with getting a backlit portable up and running again with the help of @androda. He did exceptional recapping and extensive testing before carefully packing everything up and safely shipping it back to me! Everything works perfectly, all keys, trackball, hard drive, tested my Floppy Emu, etc. Haven’t tested external SCSI yet, but I will soon. My floppy drive needs calibration I think, and there is one small pixel in the lower left that looks like it’s permanently white, but for the most part, I’m pretty pumped! Got a new battery off eBay a
  6. Can you post the YouTube link?
  7. You can purchase an adapter with the Floppy Emu.
  8. A friend of mine just successfully printed one of these, and with a slim SATA to SATA adapter, IDE to SATA adapter board, and SATA extension cable, I’m successfully running a laptop drive from 2010 and watching DVDs with VLC in 10.4. It’s a bit of a tight fit, but it’s all working! Just need to try booting to an Apple DVD and try burning a DVD to see what happens.
  9. If you’re in Canada, I’d recommend @MrFahrenheit
  10. Hello! In my quest to restore older 540c, I found someone who is resourceful with 3D printing. I’ve attached a photo of the hinge cover bezel he designed. Original is in the middle, his version on the right.
  11. Hello all, I was recently working on restoring 3 of my machines, two 540C and one 520c. I purchased a 540c from a local guy about 2 years ago, and found it had the Apple PPC upgrade card, 32Mb ram card and a crazy 811 MB hard drive!! The bad news was that the display was not cooperating. When you boot the machine, the screen lights up, but it’s broken into three segments, top, middle, bottom. I tried to pinch the sides of the display to see if that did anything, and I was able to see a couple of icons, but when I let go it got garbled again. Ev
  12. Yes, I have a dock, external keyboard works. The Caps lock key lights up on internal though..
  13. My 2300c keyboard is AWOL and the screen brightness buttons aren’t working.. any ideas? Can I send it to you for repair?
  14. Yesterday: Beige PowerMac G3 with AV capture card, ADB keyboard and mouse, CD SC (with original box, caddies, cables!!). MacProject software with box, and a 17” Multiscan Display!! $100 Canadian for everything!!! IMG_4589.MOV
  15. Technically you could put a Micron XCEED card horizontally along the top if you had the room and a way to support it.. Has anyone tried that before? Can you have two different video cards in an SE30 as long as they're on different addresses? Craig
  16. Have you installed the Asante software for more troubleshooting perhaps?
  17. Hey there! I was trying to do this the other day, and I could NOT get the Pivot IIsi and the MacCon to play nice together. I don't know if I had my jumpers set wrong, but I literally tried just about every configuration. What are the jumper settings for the Pivot and what are the jumper settings for the MacCon that make them work together? Please let me know!! Craig
  18. Does this card work with the Micron or Pivot cards? Very exciting!!
  19. Are you still selling these boards? Would love to get 1 or 2! Craig
  20. I’m also interested in having someone repair my SE/30 and Mac Portable. Used others before, but need to find someone who is trustworthy and reliable.
  21. Hello there. I have a backlit portable that needs recapping, (logic board and display). Do you do this kind of work? Please let me know. I’m in Canada.
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