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  1. I did not search at all for the PSU recap, I just removed the old caps, determined what series they were and just ordered replacements from mouser paying attention to the dimensions. Pretty much I did the same for the analog board. When I searched google for the logic board I found your thread and the other one about the audio caps and I went by your advice on what caps to get for that. It might be irrelevant but it appears that also the floppy (!) could use a recap: in my case the whole system started freezing when it tried to access a floppy disk. I started lookin
  2. excellent video - I wish I knew about it before I recap my PSU , would have spared me the time to search for caps on mouser
  3. Hello! Continuing the troubleshooting of my SE/30 (and before I start more serious work on the motherboard) - I need some help getting a replacement drive for the system. I found a forum post with the same issue I have: https://www.applefritter.com/node/4495 , this person's SE/30 also crashed when a floppy was inserted and he determined it was the drive. Anyone can help on what part # I should look for? Are the following my only choices? MP-F75W-01G MP-F75W-11G MP-F75W-12G Thanks!
  4. Hello as per topic, did anyone ever made a 3D print design for the SE/30 programmer's switch that is open for public use? thanks!
  5. I think some ram is bad - disabling 32bit mem-access (so 8MB is useable) does not freeze the system with rom boot on normal hdd OS boot I get this error: Sorry, a system error occurred. "Finder" unimplemented trap will try with some new ram tomorrow unless someone else suspects something else edit: do I need ram with parity for the se/30?
  6. Hiya ! My SE/30 started doing this yesterday: once you insert a floppy disk it access it twice , the hdd/trashcan/alias icons on desktop disappear and the system freezes. On reset the mac will eject the floppy disk. I have a BMOW Rominator-II and it also freezes with the ROM/RAM boot options - so it's not something going on with the hdd-system setup. Already tried re-sitting cables and do a visual mobo inspection - all look good. Any idea what this could be? Thanks!
  7. really interested in this when it gets finished , great work @ronan my se/30 is waiting
  8. thank you all for the replies! what I found hard looking for an ethernet card was not knowing exactly what is the name of the card I am looking for is there some hardware database of expansions? I have seen the floppyemu device, seems nice but it is costly... how does one transfer files with it? Do I need to build floppy images or can I have some FAT formatted SD to act like a HDD? I think I'll go the floppy way for now until I get something better.... @cheesestraws can you post links of these 2 hardware projects please?
  9. Hiya! after restoring a SE/30 I got I am now puzzled how to make easy pc->mac file transfers. I have bought these extras so far: - BMOW rom module - SCSI2SD v5.1 with OS7.5 SD - bracket to install scsi2sd on expansion port for easy SD removal thinking I would insert it to pc and have some emulator mount it but apparently things do not work this way Is there some readily available ethernet card for the SE/30? So maybe I can use ftp/shares to transfer files? Is there some other device to do that? I am aware about the EXT. SCSI port that can be used to conn
  10. thanks to the info in the previous thread I went with the polymer can caps for that stock look: it was a complete success, even the original HDD that would not boot started to work just fine after the recap: I also did the psu and crt chassis so the system will be ready for the next 30 years LOL thanks all for the info and especially JDW for the cap recommendations
  11. thanks! just making sure since I have no experience with those systems
  12. Indeed I was talking about "leakage current" Once again some good info, I will go with the can capacitors and the KEMET 1uf one now for the final piece of the puzzle - tbh I don't think it will even matter in the end
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