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  1. Probably have killed my harddisk while trying to get an image of it outside my Outbound I tried to to use as replacement a conner cp2064. So far with now luck, even if there are reports it should be working inside the laptop. Furthermore I have read the content of the atmel rom chips and verified my dumps can be rewritten. At the moment it seems I have Version 1.1 of the outbound installer which probably will only be able to update the roms, no system files. I have seen inside the rom dump from my hdd Outbound it was using ROM version 1.2.1. So I am wondering if someone might could send me
  2. Outbound Installer can only be used when docked to a Macintosh This text can be found inside the outbound installer. But I have not tested (and I will not test) if this is true.
  3. Can boot using a GOTEK drive with flashfloppy firmware. Drawback is that this only seems to be working inside an outbound shipped with internal floppy. I swapped all over into a HDD system and was not able to boot.
  4. At least a pc floppy drive modified to be used with an Amiga can be used as internal disk drive. The one I used is a TEAC FD-235HF 7373. Modified was DS to DS0 and Pins 2 and 34 needed some modification. Boots perfectly into system 6.0.8 but is too big to be placed inside the housing. Will have to find a slim line drive.
  5. Just opened one of my factory sealed bluepills and after connection it to USB it blinks. So there is a chance the firmware was not written. Maybe it would be a good idea to order either a ST-LINK V2 or a USB serial adapter. Would expect this to be a good idea nevertheless as this way you will be able to update the firmware in the future. Another idea, maybe the blinkcodes could be changed to be different from blinky. For example no SD-card found: 3 short 3 long 3 short. And if no suitable disk image can be read make sure this info is written into the log file and some sort of other
  6. As far as I remember PC 1 will also blink if not a valid drive image can be found. Furthermore if I should not be wrong LOG file will only be updated after entering the main loop. So have you named your image file correctly (for example HD00_512_system608.hda)? Have you checked if a logfile is present on your SD card? Would you be able to flash your bluepill? Maybe you could try formating the SD with Windows build in tools.
  7. You probably should check video signal voltage. As far as I know TTL would have been something around 5 volt while VGA expects a maximum of 1 volt.
  8. I bought it back in 2003. As I can see in my old mails I probably owned a Mac Plus with a build in MegaScreen card and a matching CRT. As I missed the drivers I was not able to test the monitor. So I probably bought the SE card for 15 Euro. It is the original box but taped and with address label etc. as the box was directly used for shipment. Does not look nice. I can not say if the floppy disk is original, but the handwriting does not look to be original.
  9. As far as I can see our back-panel connectors are the same. Please keep in mind yours is turned upside down.
  10. The BNC connector is a composite signal. Was able to get a visible picture using a GBS 8200. Not a sharp one but there was a picture. Today I found some time to play araound with the 9 pin connector: HSYNC Pin 3 VSYNC Pin 4 Video Shield 2 Video Pin 1 Ground Pin 6 I started with building a (hard to find all the needed ICs) some time ago. So I had a VGA adapter form this project lying around. Using this pcb I am able to get the MagaScreen connected to my LCD with a 1024x768 resolution. At the the end this is more or less SYNC directly routed to the VGA connector an
  11. Seems like I own another MegaScreen and for this it looks like I also own the software. Maybe this software will be working for you. MegaMac10.sit
  12. Seems like there is a little bug with the pcb. Have today connected bluescsi to external scsi connector of my Mac Portable. Seems like no termination power is available at the external connector. I have powered bluescsi via usb. To get it working I needed a wire from 5v to term power jumper. As there is a diode between 5V pin at the bluepill and the term jumper power will never reach the jumper if external powered. This would also be the case if the molex connector would be used. Maybe this is also the reason why bluescsi is not working with a Mac Plus.
  13. Hope it is OK to post the link: http://www.codesrc.com/files/
  14. The Portable uses a 34 pin connector. https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/49528-macintosh-portable-34-pin-to-50-pin-scsi-cable/ I used a 34 to 50 pin McMaster adapter for which I was able to find gerber files.
  15. Have tested bluescsi inside my Macintosh Portable. With the correct adapter it was working perfectly. Beside of this I decided for me to build a Powerbook pcb. Beside that I forgot one via which was corrected with a bodge wire everything went smooth. Without the adapter it fits better into the available space. Beside of this I tested my pcb and the normal pcb with adapter inside a DEC Multia. Needed to change powersource from termpower to the 5volt pins available inside the connector. After this change bluescsi was working inside DEC Multia. Hope I will find some time next weekend to
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