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  1. Amazing thread great read. Wish somebody would kickstart a kit around this project
  2. i assume this is a members collection but found this LC prototype bezel to be super interesting
  3. @PotatoFi - the quality of this post is ridiculous! I wish there was a big enough 68k audience to get you an ad supported full time YouTube position or similar! Fantastic writing and documentation, please keep it up. Pushing in my request for an 840av restoration next on your list
  4. Has anybody gotten System 7 working on a Rasberry Pi lately? Found this great article / video on the process: https://www.novaspirit.com/2017/03/28/running-mac-os-7-on-raspberry-pi-with-color/ To put into my new Nutshell Case https://www.etsy.com/shop/NutshellCases Excited to start on this project, easy way to stick this on my work desk and get to play around w/System 7 overlapping, Would like to avoid any major landmines but planning to follow the directions above and go from there.
  5. Starting off a thread with this picture that was taken in ~2013 when I had gotten back into collecting. My "white whale" was always an 840av, couldn't find one without broken plastics or components. So over a year I put together a stack of 4 "donor" 840avs from craigslist, ebay, forum, etc. reflected in this picture below: With the help from Charles aka Uniserver I got two of them working, one I sold at a discount to a forum member, the other I frankentsteined with the best plastics / components into the example below:
  6. Bump for this thread - who's got some boxed old Mac Games to add to the collection?
  7. That is amazing, thanks for sharing. How did you find your two protos?
  8. I've posted bits and pieces before, but this is my original LC's "final resting place" after digging it out of my parents attic and upgrading w/a presto plus! Then came the real addiction - collecting 68k games! A picture below and my favorites - anybody see anything that brings them back down memory lane? Enchanted Scepters - The original disk, no box yet! Saw a boxed copy last year and missed the auction dangit. This is my grail game @ moment that I'm missing in box. The history behind this game, and Silicon Beach Software is crazy if you haven't looked it up. The guys
  9. Here's my setup along with my true time-suck: collecting 68k games in original packages :)
  10. Yep, I'll try to post a pic sometime. Have it all set up with the original 12" RGB and managed to find one of the elusive Presto Plus accellerators so it runs at 33mhz '040 + ethernet! http://lowendmac.com/2000/sonnet-presto-plus-unleashes-the-color-classic/
  11. Wow - incredible! Does anybody here have one of the clear's? I would pay a pretty penny to get my hands on one, my original LC remains as the centerpiece / most used part of my collection.
  12. Just saw this on EBAY: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-Prototype-computer-rare-vintage/222944048150 Anybody have insight into what exactly we're looking at?
  13. Finally got a copy of Enchanted Scepters - disk only still looking for a boxed version! - very cool game with some interesting history: - First game to ever have digitized sound on the macintosh - Built the original framework for the point-and-click game creation system "World Builder" which was invented by William Appleton and was the precursor to his development of SuperCard - First adventure game and 2nd release - after Airborne! (mentioned at the top of my thread) - by Silicon Beach Software that would eventually create the Dark Castle masterpiece franchise!
  14. Putting out a WTB and figured I'd add it to this thread - does anybody have a BOXED copy of Enchanted Scepters kicking around?
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