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  1. I wonder if this is a Umax, they made some apple clones for a while. *Does some googling* nope this is a motorolla one, just missing the label. Umax made some similar cases but this ones almost certainly Motorolla.
  2. Did you also do the two really big high voltage caps? I followed a guide that listed those as "should not need replaced" but mine was acting strange, running for a while ~5 mins or so then clicking on and off rapidly. Replacing those two big ones fixed that problem and its worked perfectly since.
  3. I'm sure a lot of people have done this, but wanted to report my results anyway. The drive was not too bad of shape dirt wise, it was a little dusty but not near as bad as some I've seen. It was not only unable to read/write disks but it also could not auto eject and even manual eject was causing the disks to get stuck or jammed. I watched several good videos on this on Youtube and went to work. The read/write head was dirty and a clean fixed that issue easily. The rest of the drive also was cleaned thoroughly including the worm gear drive for head movement. The auto eject gea
  4. Success!!! I have gotten the system working now, I had to buy an old Dell LCD that was known to work with vintage machines. Using a Dell 1707FP 17 inch LCD, works great! I found that the correct settings were 1 and 2 on the adapter I have. On the power supply I replaced the two large 250v 220uf capacitors and it no longer clicks on and off rapidly. Seems they must have been on the edge of death and would act up on heating. I spent about 30 minutes on the machine without any issues. I've plugged in the Rominator II and after an initial sad sound, remembered I had to set the W1
  5. Ok I've not replaced the two big can 220uf 250v caps. The guide i had said "shouldn't need replacing" but at this point its the only caps not redone. I've ordered a few and once they get here I'll replace those and see if that fixes the problem.
  6. And I spoke too soon on the stutter, I just fired it back up and it instantly came back. It stopped after a few seconds and ran smooth which is new, then came back and won't go away now. Damn...
  7. Ok, I removed the daughtercard and resoldered one of the smds that was a little suspect in its soldering. have better soldering tips now too, so I think I did a far better job putting both the SMD and the daughtercard itself back on. Much neater joints! I let it run a while and no stutter yet! Next up is the display. I have an adapter pictured above, trying to connect this to a HP S2031 LCD. Anyone know what settings I should be using for the IIsi by any chance? I've tried a lot under mode 6 (sync on green) with no luck.
  8. I did but it was my first time doing SMD's. I had one fall off first time, and put it back on. Maybe I should recheck that work. I hate having to unsolder that thing a third time but it sounds worth looking into.
  9. I'm brand new here, but not new to Macs at all having grown up in the age of the Apple II and the very early macs. I was hankering for my old 68k mac days and I picked up a Mac IIsi to restrore. My first task was to recap the power supply. my first time doing such a thing though I do have a little electronics experience, just nothing quite this involved. It had a lot of leakage but isn't near as bad as some I've seen in the many videos I watched. The motherboard itself was in very good condition but it would not start up but the fan did work. I recapped the motherboard and it now chim
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