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  1. Hi 
    I found your topic searching for "Macintosh portable Q16". I've opened my Portable for the first time yesterday, because I wanted to recap it after some years in my attic. One of the last time I used it, many years ago, I have tried to install the Com card, and instantly I've got a burn smell. Shut the Portable off, removed the card, booted it again, and it was still working.
    So today I've checked the card : light corrosion near the ports, one capacitor seems leaky, and Q16 seems fried.
    So I've some questions, and here seem one of the best places to get an answer :-)
    I don't want to do more damages.
    • Do you think after recap I can boot it securely without changing Q16 ?
    • Do you have the reference for Q16 ?
    • I'm not an expert, and not used to such heatsinks, what's the best protocol to remove Q16 ?
    I thank for any answer.



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