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  1. Just wanna let you know that they are perfect mount for replacement
  2. I probably have some s-video lying around but if not i will order them and im sure i can fit them correctly at the end... Thank you
  3. Ok i should have some s-video stuff lying if not so i will order new part. Thank you very much everyone.
  4. Hi everyone I have an adb keyboard (M0116) that i diagnosed the left adb connector is faulty. Now i want to replace it and im wondering if someone can tell me where to order it for a good price? (Im from Canada) Or may i have to buy a defective keyboard from ebay? Thank you very much
  5. Hi I finally received my 27C400. While i was waiting my order i emailed bbraun but i think he is not active anymore here as i did not received any reply. But anyway i can confirm that following his directive and using his tools and original stock rom i was able to repair my mac. I can confirm too that i previously had the question mark on screen with the defective rom but the computer was not able to boot from any device... Soon i putted my new burned rom the computer was able to boot correctly. So thank everyone for your help
  6. Thank! i ordererd some 27c400 as i only have 1 in stock yet... as soon i received it and test it i will let you know here if it working
  7. Sorry i did not answer on this... I compared my roms vs the original and the code isnt exactly the same... overall there is some similarity but not exactly the same and the compare test alway fail BUT... for testing my original rom i have to chose a "device" on my programmer software and i used the generic 27c400 to dump the rom but i am not even sure that this is the correct device for dumping thoses original roms. This is why im focusing asking if thoses 27c400 are the same pinout than the original roms
  8. Thank you very much! I looked at this blog earlier but im not sure to understand if his modified rom could be used alone without Classic II FPU/ROM Card? My main concern is about to know that if i split a mac classic II rom to get 2 x 256k rom file then i burn thoses files on 2 x 27c400 should it work as it? I just cant find any information on internet that can confirm this... so i wonder if someone already did this? Thank for your help and sorry for my not so good english
  9. Thank you! I will have a look to your software... Also im wondering can i burn the 512k image to 1 x 27c400 for examble...then use only 1 chip on the board if i set the jumper to 512k? And does someone know if 27c400 will be pine-out compatible? Thank again :)
  10. Thank you. Yes i already have the 512k rom file now i need to know how it possible to split it in two file? and also there is it a eeprom pinout compatible for Macintosh Classic IIK rom?
  11. Hi everyone I wish to know if it possible to use some eeproms to replace my Macintosh Classic II 2 x ROM chip. I connected one of thoses in a bad position and not the macintosh just do not see any scsi device... and i get stuck on the disk icon with a ? mark who make me think that my rom are now defective... I have some 27C400 rom and a eeprom burner so i wonder if there a possibility to download the rom from internet then burn it back to a pinout compatible eeprom? and which type of eeprom would be compatible? Thank you very much for your help
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