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  1. I know under os9 that the dual is not much if any fast than a single cpu but under os x a dual 500 mhz would be like a single 700 mhz please confirm. ie my spare cube is complete disassembled with kernal panics over heating cpu i think michael
  2. I am upgrading my wife' s quicksilver with a sonnet sata controller and 1 Tbyte drive. We must have room for all those pictures. all the picture end up in her user folder which is on the startup drive ie the new drive should I partition it or not. Having multiple drives does not work with her in that she can not direct the files any where else. We have a small computer literacy issue their. what is the advice of the mac power gurus michael
  3. I was under the impression that usb 2 will not run under os 9.x so you are stuck with usb 1.1 speeds. I do own a sonnet tempo 133 card so this is starting to sound like the best option. I could strip out all the scsi drives and go ide. I also have a fw external dvd dl inclosure but no fw card. What fw card would you recommend as i have had a difficult time getting a usb card to operate.
  4. I agree with installing sata why bother! in other posts it was suggested that to maximize the speed of the 7600 to install atto ul2s controller for faster scsi. I do own a sonnet ide 133 card that could be installed but it would be slower see other discussion http://68kmla.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4222&p=79816&hilit=7600#p79816 i did find a panasonic scsi dvd that might work with the atto controler I do not have a firewire pci card that could work with my lacie dvd burner any brands recommended for the firewire card? m
  5. Now that the 7600 is ripping mp3 and surfing the wed I feel the need for a dvd burner any suggestions? I will soon get my atto ul2s installed I would like to pull the internal cd out and put dvd burner in. I have been searching and it appears this may not be possible with out switching to ide or using an ide to scsi converter thoughts.
  6. I bought a new old stock ASD card off of evilbay and the usb works perfectly mouse , usb sticks everything finally joy. finally closure to this issue
  7. It should say on the fan I would expect it to be 12V dc thanx for the comments michael
  8. The fan on my quicksilver 2002 power supply is making a lot of noise ie all most dead. can it be replaced or is another ps in order? thanx
  9. well I have checked the voltages and no issues the cube ran fine last nite. The day before the drive just stoped and then the machine did not boot ie no hard drive. May be the dc to dc board is over heating. This has happened with 2 hd's now. I am tring to get it to fail while I have a meter on it. Both the 12 v and 5 v looks fine when it is operating correctly. once the machine cools off it starts up just fine.
  10. the hd were an apple 20G and and an owc 80 G IBM the OWC drive stated it would work with the cube what about the dc to dc board in the cube could it be bad? michael
  11. I have a mac cube that ran fine for about a year and the hd failed so I put a drive I pulled. this drive worked for a couple of months and it started having problems it would spool up the wind down to a stop, start stop over and over it was about 2 sec up and 2 sec down. so i ordered a new drive from owc and put it in worked ok for about a week and the same thing started spool up and down. What could be the issue power supply?
  12. well I know the master slave jumpers are ok. the computer worker great for several weeks after the new hd. I reformateded and installed 10.4 clean and then ran tech tools to check everything it could. I will pull the drive and try to boot from the cd.
  13. I had a bad hd and replaced it 2 weeks ago bad sectors. now it has stopped starting up 1 it chimes 2 i get a gray screen no pin wheel 3 nothing happens. i have tried booting off tech tools cd but no luck. same as above this issue happened 2 times and the machine sat for some time and started up now i get as described above i am thinking cpu over heat. bad cpu bad memory bad mobo would the chime eliminate any of the previous hard ware? michael
  14. my cube died and on a surface scan tech tools found bad sectors. can I fix it or new drive time?
  15. my tempo card shows up as a scsi device that is normal i have never ran it or anything on 10.1 sorry
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