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  1. I actually have a raspberry pi image sans VM running it from macip.net. The VM should work but only if the computer running the VM is plugged on ethernet, not wifi.
  2. I'm really trying to switch my development effort over to my SE/30 and use it as much as I can. Sadly, there are a few problems that keep me from going all retro for my gamedev business but I believe I just managed to jump one of the hurdles. In short, since I am using MacIPgw on a raspberry pi (thank you @mactjaap) to get an internet connection I wrote a quick PHP script that can run on an apache2 server on the raspberry pi. Note that I haven't done any web development since early 2007 and I am sure the code itself is not that great, nor is it secure but it could be a start for those looking
  3. Thanks :)! I've been playing a ton of games on SE/30 and I think it's due for some new releases! Not really, more closer to Wolfenstein 3D. Bard's tale (at least the 1st one) renders 2D Image at various scales to mimic 3D depth. This engine actually does 3D rendering. The benefit of Bard's Tale is that it can render graphics really fast but it's constrained to a first person perspective and on a grid. The upside of my engine is that you can do non-grid based movement, different heights and even use rudimentary 3D models at the cost of performance. Bard's tale rendering method is someth
  4. Hi everyone! As I mentioned in a few of my posts I'm looking to develop and release a couple of games for 68K Macs this year. This thread will serve as a purpose of documenting the journey, possibly asking for help regarding obscure 68K issues and keeping the community up to date (if interested) in my work. The end goal of this effort is to release a first person dungeon crawler (possibly a port of one of my other games) and make it available to anyone, who owns at least a Macintosh Plus, in both digital and physical form. And while I'm at it, I'm doing this shareware style because
  5. As someone who is yet to recap a board I wish you good luck and thank you for posting about it mid-progress. Can't wait to see how it turns out o7
  6. Welcome to the forums! Nice setup. There was a radius full page display on ebay that ended up going for 60$, in EU just last weekend. I didn't get it because it was B&W and lacking the card but woah, you were just a few days too late! Maybe you'll get one in the future, a 2 monitor setup on an SE/30 is amazing!
  7. Should be pretty straight through. I've had a friend make me a DB15 to VGA adapter using this pinouts - https://microgecko.com/binnacle/?p=885 - https://old.pinouts.ru/Audio-Video-Hardware/MacVideoToVGA_pinout.shtml So for DB15 to DB15 it should be directly.
  8. Already porting one of my old ones, Ebony Spire. Hoping to do even a limited physical boxed release when It’s ready.
  9. And there it is, my new development station for my own games completed. It's a beauty
  10. And I managed to get the card working sans drivers with a few quirks. It needs an adapter to display anything, even on the main monitor. With the adapter the card thinks it has a secondary monitor attached and it boots System 7.1. Without it, it gets stuck pre "Welcome to Macintosh Screen". Just took it for a spin in Wolfenstein and Warcraft 1 and I'm extremely happy. 7.5.x isn't so lucky though and I doesn't play nice at all with it, even with the Update File removed. Closest I came to having it run was partial picture displayed on the main monitor, but it went away with the first
  11. As a small update - an adapter is on it's way to my place and I should have it by Thursday morning. I've installed the graphics card back in to the SE/30 and I'm using the drivers I've got from here: https://www.macintoshrepository.org/29669-lapis-video-card-drivers-colorserver-displayserver . The problem is, I don't think any of those drivers work for my SE/30 as the mac doesn't boot up. I hear the bong, I can see the activity light on the SCSI2SD but it stops on blank screen (just before it says Welcome to Macintosh). From what I understand, without the proper drivers, it cannot
  12. I've got my hands on a color card (ProServer PDS for SE/30) but I'm lacking a way to connect it to a VGA monitor. Ordered an adapter off of ebay but it's about a month away until I get it. A neighbor of mine who used to be an electronic engineer said he'll try his hand at making a cable that plugs into the DB15 and goes out into the VGA port. Not that I don't trust the guy, but I wanna make sure I don't ruin the color card by plugging it in with a faulty/wrong cable. Is there any way I can test it to make sure things are fine? I do have a multimeter but I'm uncultured af in electro
  13. LCD came in! Now I just have to get my hands on an adapter. Ordered one from ebay but that is going to take about 3 weeks. tried contacting some european sellers to see if I can pay any extra so they can dhl express it overnight but none accepted. Guess I’ll have to wait the 3 weeks before I can use the new screen.
  14. I have a screenshot from the guy that sold me the mac and the card from when he was testing it:
  15. Yep, I do. Just, getting the adapter to convert from it to VGA is the tricky part. That would be an option, to buy it via Amazon.uk to you and get it couriered. Thank you. If I can't solve it within the next few days I might take you up on the offer
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