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  1. heic is not an apple format its an industry standard. however im not sure if Windows supports it. google supports it and there are converts you can download to convert it to jpg. i believe photoshop will read it as well. heic is a mpeg standard however not everyone supports it yet.
  2. have you checked the video board?
  3. ok theres a Philips screw holding the board to the case. idoes anyone know what kind of driver i need?
  4. ok the battery and the compartment are clean. now either the sweep board or the crt itself. im leaning towards the board. the manual says it comes right out not so much.
  5. i think i found the culprit. the pram battery appears to have leaked i see a little bit of oxide on the bottom of the board. but for the life of me i think figure out how to remove it. the manuel just says remove it not how
  6. yeah mine doesn't have that just bare pins that look bent. must of happend when i took of the case. so does anyone want a SE thats unknown?
  7. @davidg5678 i took a new photo for some reason i was having an issue with auto focus on this camera but i think this should be clear.
  8. if you want the classic im willing to send you the whole thing if you only want the board ill see what i can find out tomorrow and ill post more then. its bed time now and i spent too much time today with the SE. it took a really long time to get it opened for some reason i had to use some opening tools.
  9. ah you want the classic. this is the SE im talking about. i havent opened the classic yet. the classic i know for sure works and im not really convinced its a blown cap because i was able to use the machine for awhile. maybe it blew right when i powered it on but ill see tomorrow. i did some research and those lines usually mean a blown cap. as i said im not convinced of this yet im thinking maybe something is either loose or maybe some issue with the screen. the SE never had a picture i turned it on today im not sure how long it sat but its been 20+ years for sure.
  10. also im not sure what state its in. this was my brothers machine and while i dont remember him ever taking it apart someone obviously has. the machine did appear to boot when i tried to turn it on there was just no picture so maybe its fine.
  11. well im a bit afraid to discharge the crt. i mean i know how to and have the tools im just scared to try. i'd sell the computer for $100 plus whatever shipping is to you.
  12. im not sure if it fell off when i was opening it or if it was like that. im starting to think maybe this is a project im not equiped for. if anyone wants this i'd be willing to sell it.
  13. the analog board was loose im not sure if it fell off when i was trying to open the case or if that is the reason why the screen didn't work. and theres 2 scsi cables and a molex connector that are just loose i have two floopy drives so shouldnt those be connected?
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