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  1. I have a second PSU on the way to try out, we'll see how it goes. Also, I know I said it before, but this style of machine (800, 840, 8100, etc.) is just bizarre to work on.
  2. In all those lots there was also maybe a half-dozen RasterOps Horizon/24 cards, which until these auctions I don't think I'd ever seen so much as a picture of one. I agree though, we should figure out how to reach them.
  3. Man, I somehow missed all those auctions. I would have bought about 6 of those lots, at least. This one: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r460510206 had the PCI version of the Pickles XA card.
  4. Geez those are all fairly recent and appear to have gone for INCREDIBLY cheap for the most part.
  5. Where'd you find that XA Lite? I have "watchers" setup looking for new stuff I might care about on a variety of sites, but no new cards like this were picked up by them. Which means either my search terms are wrong or my scripts aren't working correctly. As a separate matter, we should try to merge our RAM stacks on a single card at some point and see what happens. Mine are the intermediate modules and yours look like they're the outer ones, and the images of the "Pro" card has both. I'm surprised that they might have actually different speed RAMDACs on them since I ass
  6. Cutting down the heatsink to make room for that cap should be straightforward with any old drill press (if you want it to look nice) or a dremel (if you don't care). Though, looking at it, I'm not sure it actually supplies more total surface area than the hokey cage-style heatsink that Apple supplied by default. Or at least not by much if it does. Though the improvement in clearance vertically is probably helpful if you're populating the PDS slot. If you don't really care about the aesthetic and the ability to remove it, you can affix a very, very nice heatsink of vario
  7. I'm completely vexed by this thing. I need to pull the PSU out of the machine and disassemble it to look for any signs of trouble, but there's nothing obviously wrong with the PSU from peering into it well lit from the outside. @LaPorta, @powermax anything in particular I should look for?
  8. Sorry it took me a bit to get back to this topic. I didn't have the 8100/100 in my possession yet. It arrived... mostly intact. There are several small pieces of plastic that I need to figure out where they came from and try to super glue them back into place. The battery doesn't appear to have exploded, which is nice. So I can replace that easily enough. The biggest problem with what happened during shipping was that the HPV card an the Nubus Ethernet card came unseated (I'll never understand why Nubus had no retention mechanism like ISA, VLB, PCI, etc. ) and were rattling around inside the c
  9. @taddy It might actually be BIOS incompatibility issues. The Cyrix 5x86 was an actual 5x86 class processor, not a glorified 486, and so it had more issues with board compatibility than the various other 486 DX4 (Intel, Cyrix, etc.) and 486 DX5 (AMD) options. You could try to snag one of the AMD 5x86 133 chips (which isn't a 5x86 class chip at all, it's a souped up 486, but because it overclocked better you could actually make a faster system out of it) and see if it works. As an aside, if you end up not being able to get that Cyrix 5x86 to work out, I'll happily buy it off of
  10. IIRC, the 550 had a Virge GX (technically a 3D enabled chip, but not really in any meaningful way practically speaking). The later PCfx! and 660 had an nVidia chip on them. I had a PCfx! card in college in a Beige G3/333 tower. I wish I'd kept it these many years later. From memory I think it came with a really paltry IDT WinChip as its CPU, and I replaced it with an AMD K6 or K6-2 at the time. It was a serviceable way for me to play Counter Strike with my dorm mates way back when.
  11. That would be fantastic. Thank you.
  12. Does anyone have a standard breakout box for one of these boards handy? I'd be curious about trying to dissect one to reproduce them. The cards come up for sale fairly often, but they're almost all missing the breakout box. I can't imagine there's a tremendous amount of intelligence in the thing given the fairly limit number of pins and what the thing is ostensibly for.
  13. Hmmm. Well. I'll see if I can source some to stick in there. First test will be to see if it does anything deleterious. Second test, if I can get at some flavor of the developer toolkit & "NuBug", will be to see if it seems to actually do anything with the RAM. I'm trying to put together a system that's a bunch of computing "platforms" in one box. Current slate is: PM8100/100 for PPC Mac, Radius Rocket for 68k Mac, Ethernet NB for 68k A/ROSE, and trying to get either a Nubus or 601 PDS PC compatibility card for x86 Win.
  14. Does anyone know what the SIP sockets on these cards are for?
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