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  1. as for framerate, well I mean 160x120 something (sorry I can't remember right now) at 25-30fps is probably not hard for a nice 68030 to handle and yeah its typical to pass off the audio to the onboard (or a separate dedicated card), very few dedicated capture cards ever did audio at all in general
  2. joshc yeah I can't argue that the idea doesn't seem to have much moot going for it now but maybe in the eventual future who knows thanks for your reply btw
  3. I could be wrong but I indeed would think its very likely a composite-in card as I'm not sure why someone would make a video card that conventionally omitted the da15 port, given that if you had wanted to use a LC with a tv you had the apple presentation or similar third party pc-to-tv adapters instead
  4. I had been thinking a tiny bit about that idea for a few years but never saw much want to mention it to anyone else..at least till dcr made this post [which I've quoted below] so at this point i may as well as finally mention it now.. I had been thinking about the yellowing/cracking of many performa/powermacintosh cases and mm although this sort of thing is a little outside me I'll share the idea with you all still.. except for certain clones a lot of the desktops could be summarized into either 'small' (performa era) or 'large' (the later powermacintosh) and as they g
  5. fizzbinn yeah I really suspect that apple likely simply reused the same/similar chips in a new personality/'wing' card package and also by the same token its likely certain macos9-era pci cards existed or were planned to use the aux video-in purpose hence some variations of these wings not surprisingly unofficially supporting the tv tuner card
  6. daniel, as far as I know the tv-only tuner card was one single shield-covered 'brick' on the pcb [matched to a single coaxial port] while the tv/fm card actually had two pcb 'bricks' and coaxial ports altogether, and from what little online browsing experience I've had the latter seem to be rare to find and I agree: the tv tuner card itself indeed is mostly neutered these days except for if you wanted to use it to feed a vcr, pre-disc game console, etc directly through there as to keep the composite-in port free for 'something else' at same time
  7. mm I like these cables but sounds like they're a bit rare nevertheless and you're right for I was thinking to myself 'but that riser looks exactly the one I was looking to eventually get for a 6500 logic board'
  8. so for context I had been checking ebay once in a while with certain keywords and this one recently turned up for 'apple pci' https://www.ebay.ca/itm/174720038986 now mm I'm just curious if these kind of cables were actually indeed sold by apple before? the quality of the microphone cable and these particular symbol stamps on it made me strongly suspect as much thanks for letting me know about my curiousity
  9. I rather envy you for having one in the first place but anyway yeah thats a nice pcb condition, and indeed an interesting capacitor project too and mm yeah given the unharmed condition of the logic board I indeed might suspect the psu components themselves but I may be wrong about that nevertheless
  10. yeah fizzbinn's right. even such pds card without the fpu socket filled functions on powerpc too (to try ask a 603 to cooperate with a 68882 is something noone ever wants to think about!)
  11. normally would had tried it for myself to answer this already but as it'll probably take a while to finally find the logic board I wanted I decided it couldn't hurt to ask someone else [here] not sure if the control panel might be confused by it or not but would there maybe be issue with having two active modem (script files are different enough) in the guise of the internal one handling receiving voice/fax requests as they come, and using an external v.92-capable modem to block up the line from time to time aka being on the internet? thanks for not minding this unusual
  12. I was a bit curious when I had saw this topic in the rightside 'newest post' list and mm well I didn't have a lot to say but for this little thought below... I don't know about anyone else but after a cursory lookup about the 68k cpus and fpus I had to wonder if assuming this worked then maybe one of you project people could try a 50mhz benchmark to see how much difference there would be between a 68LC060+68882 and basically any pre-68060 that had internal or 68882 fpu with it just for to see? (I suspect that at the same 50mhz clockrate for all tests the jump may not be that
  13. ah sorry not sure where I thought people said eject .. but I stand corrected nevertheless thanks a lot
  14. was it always auto-eject models by the time any 603/newer powered computers were out or did some particular models still use manual-eject ones? just wondering about that in case of doing mix-n-match from donors, and thanks
  15. have two ram sticks that reads HYM564124AXG-60 on the back side and just wanted to check if this might be right? 1Mx64bit EDO 60-80ns ratings 4*HY5118164B chips and hm theres a tiny sticker of some sort really stuck on over most of where the apple text would had been silked (they apparently pick the worst place! theres a lot of empty room nearby for the sticker) so I was wondering if anyone maybe could identify what cache stick this actually would be just from the chips themselves alone? 2*71B74 (IDT, 64K (8Kx8bit) tag SRAM) 2*58LC32K36B2LG-9 (Micron is all
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