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  1. thank franklinstein, I did indeed notice one site somewhere that mentioned that it seem some of the existing powercomputing desktop sales were terminated in a relatively short time due to perceived competition against their own new tower systems not surprisingly anyhow just going to dream a little more basically
  2. had looked up a few still-working older forum thread links (especially with posts from jessenator) and mm am I correct to presume that G3 cards in any form for the catalyst was rather a small market in the first place? I can find so much for the alchemy in archived product websites on the other hand this is specifically to do with power computing re powerbase (alchemy) versus powerwave (catalyst)
  3. thanks for the interesting post cory and I'll admit that I have no make-once media here, first cd burner drive I ever bought I added a single fujitsu cdrw disc to the receipt to go with it as for what you suggested, not surprisingly I had been thinking a bit about magneto as a non-network alternative option to iomega too since I can find relatively inexpensive 3.5" drives for both scsi and newer systems altogether
  4. pulling the cardboard tray out of box I found that apparently the lid had been left loose all these times and no screws saved anywhere, but yeah it looks like some repairs had been attempted once because theres an "explosion" on the inside of the top lid yet it looks like nothing is missing from the small pcb itself still 'unlimited' 120vac being just that I don't think I want to work on this myself for safety sake am curious about the black wire being cleanly cut between second and third outlets or was this normal by design [when compared to others owned by other users
  5. waynestewart oh didn't realize that it was that simple inside. might be able to try repair it myself (with an old craftsman solder gun to the side..heh?) if I can see anything obvious when I figure how to open up the case tomorrow thanks to both of you nevertheless
  6. short story, theres a still-boxed one in back of an closet and the story as far as anyone know is that the first one was faulty in first place so kensington simply shipped another one. surprisingly noone has tossed the first one for this long! is the circuit inside that complicated or a modern tinker could likely get one working again nevertheless? and about the latter, is it worth trying sell a sold-for-repairs one from canada this month now? thanks for any answers whether that results in one more trade ad from me later in week or not (of course I'll eventually h
  7. thanks laporta, just what I was looking for
  8. cmstuber's trade ad made me wonder about this, were there only two types of 1.44mb drives for all computers? and if so in that case the main question I had here was; do I have to use specific one paired to the logic board in question or are auto and manual type ones interchangeable? sorry if this had been asked before as I don't think I noticed anything in the search results
  9. mmm, is it ok if I post a small ream of relevant ebay links here especially as to add my comments on what I thought of trading them? and if someone else buys it before I had thought I would like to thats ok as its not like they're extremely rare yet
  10. finally managed to look up a photo of the riser itself and hmm I just wanted to confirm with anyone who owns one or surprisingly the tech guide if any for it... so the card has 2MB of base vram soldered onboard and four plcc-type sockets for to manually expand another 2MB to it to get the maximum 4MB capacity yes? and would it have to be quite a match or just like with system ram I could pick chips that are a bit faster and it'll simply coexist 'slower' with the soldered chips themselves?
  11. unknown_k so if I understand that right I couldn't refit the base card (svideo input) to accept rgb input with 4:4:4 sampling? thanks for writing so far nevertheless
  12. I realize not many people would have these cards around but I had to still try ask this so I would know what I would had dealt with if looking around myself that is; is it the one same base card between the several various model variations, its only the one or two daughter cards on it that makes up the differences?
  13. byrd hm, perhaps that shows how I don't know a lot as I just recall having to find extensions for most cards/peripherals I used to use in the past (excluding that the wacom artpad could behave as a normal 1:1 mouse without its extension - that I found out accidentally) cheers still
  14. sorry to add another post here so soon but I'm just wondering if anyone here had seen the software for grappler cards or are they rather elusive if one didn't get the bundled disk/cd with theirs? makes me thinking that between grappler and powerdomain the latter probably just is less of a headache to actually get running
  15. hmm interesting I never found much before as apparent by lack of notes. thanks for not mind me asking, will probably have to look more
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