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  1. Hello! Happy to have found this board! I suspect I will be spending a lot of time here! Been a huge fan of the 68k macs since I bought my first LC in 1992. Now that I'm older, I've recently had the itch to get back into these classic machines, and managed to snag a Macintosh II and a IIfx off of craigslist! Sadly neither powered on - there was some cap leakage on the II, and the IIfx was missing both CPU and it's FPU. I spent a few months dusting off my soldering skills with some ... less expensive projects, and gave my shot at recapping the II and cleaning it up/restoring
  2. Hey Hyperneogeo! I'd been tracking this project back for a year now (when other people were trying their hands at making the moduless) but it took me quite awhile to restore the IIfx I bought. Now that it's up and running, I was delighted to see that someone not only had ram, but put it up on Ebay for sale. Looking at this thread, I think it's your handiwork - white boards and four free dimm sockets! So just wanted to drop you a line here and say "Thank you"! - It's people like you who keep this community alive!
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