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  1. Got ya. So if you ever start repairing boards again. I’d love to send you mine as I am not skilled enough to do this type of repair. I will pay you well. So please just let me know man. I hope you’re doing well!
  2. Has anyone ever tried contacting any fo the engineers that worked on it to see if they have or know where a copy might be?
  3. Yeah until then I’m dead in the water with this battery issue.
  4. Repaired all the Caps and lifted pads and still getting the same message. I can’t make heads or tails of the schematic for the non back-lit. The PMGR is the same (i think). But there is no hybrid chip on my board instead a much smaller op-amp is labeled U1M. Are there any schematics floating around for the 5126? Because I can’t trace the AD line back from the PMGR especially if I have broken traces. I’m not even sure if the pins on the PMGR are in the same location.
  5. That’s also the same page where I found the C26 cap but it’s connected to the hybrid chip. Which on my board is much smaller than what’s on the M5120 schematic. So I’m too sure how to read what’s going on.
  6. If you look st the next page Hybrid/power supply. There are some lines named battery sense and power supply....etc not too sure if that is related to what I’m looking for
  7. Don’t see a line named that on the schematic. The only thing close I see is PMGR ADB on pin 41. Could they be the right one?
  8. Gotcha yeah do you recall which cap it is? Cuz I didn’t do such a good job on the one all the way to the right, farthest from the buttons. So that transistor (Q1) will go bad is run with the 2.0 amp charger for too long?
  9. Well I got the machine to boot like I said. The Hard disk is hit or miss. Was working last night and now it’s not either way I get it to boot on a disk I have and this is what comes up. Also I took a picture on the board where it looks a little suspicious. What y’all think? Previous owner used the PB power supply for a few years before everything quit and I purchased it.
  10. Nice I just moved back to Atlanta from Charlotte with the airlines. I got let go on American and now living back in Atl where I’m from.
  11. It appears to me you have a lot of people on here that care. I know it’s the internet and all, but You have ya!! What state do you live in?
  12. Does diving into computers and such, like you said a hobby, not help? You can try doing YouTube videos on different kinds of electronics or what not. I found your videos on the portable very informative and was scrolling through your channel hoping you had more!!
  13. Well said. I just stared on here, but from what I have gathered in my short time, I’d that you had helped a loooot of people and best on here. Hope you get to feeling better sir!!
  14. Well shit man in sorry to hear all of that. But I did get it going....sort of. I removed the ram expansion card and it’s fired right up into the OS using the stock Hard disk. But then after about 3 seconds I get a message that says there is not enough power to sustain memory and it shuts off after 10 seconds....very weird. But you had def helped me. That patch wire worked great just so you know.
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