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  1. I have a 19" monochrome monitor that has been used with a mac. It has only one bnc input. Is there a db9 to bnc cable for this?
  2. I thought that A2S2 meant it was an Apple II+, but I don't know. Serial number is: A2S2 01511: Copyright is 1978 It's dated 79 28 i think. It meants it's made week 28 of 1979? The power indicator does not go down when i try to press it. I read somewhere that this is one way to tell what model it is. It's definitely 115v. The previous owner said he ran it on a converter. He said it is an Apple II but I'm not sure.
  3. I got this Apple II. As I understand it, it's an Apple II+, but the label says Apple II, maybe a new label? Can anyone tell anything about the computer and the cards? I have not yet started it as I don't have a converter for 115v (We have 230v here in Sweden). Is it worth fixing up?
  4. No. I'll do that tomorrow. If I take out the logic board it turns on perfect every time. Guess it could be recapping time for the logic board. It looks clean and nice. I'll post an update when it's recapped!
  5. I have a Color Classic. It's behaving a bit weird. First of all, when i plug it in it won't start. It seems like if I keep it plugged in for a few hours it suddenly starts working. I can boot it up by pressing the power button on the keyboard, but when it boots up, the keyboard and mouse does not work. I've tried many keyboards that are definitely working on other macs, but nothing seems to work on this one. Does anyone have any idea? I already tried changing the battery.
  6. Awesome project, I'll order a few of them!
  7. I have one on it's way, it will be delivered later this week. I'm probably gonna open it up and look inside anyway.
  8. Would it help to look into an existing ADB switch box?
  9. Do you know of any guide on this? I have used a DMM to check batteries or to see if a cable is connected, but never anything else. When i buy a DMM, is there anything in particular i should make sure it has?
  10. I picked up a broken SE/30. Opened it and saw a very bad case of battery acid. Cleaned it, but corrosion made some of the legs of some chips fall off. I don't mind soldering and spending time on it, but is it possible to make it run. Before I opened it, it showed horizontal lines. What's the best way to find out if it's repairable?
  11. I picked up this one the other day! Made by Apple!
  12. Yes, it came with a DE-9 breakout board.
  13. Sounds like fun! I'm gonna need some Googling before I completely understand. Looking at your project, this seems to be a lot easier to figure out! I'd be happy to do that. How can I do a dump of the ROM?
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