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  1. @SDGOL I saw that you posted a video on reddit with 2 hours of charge and your battery working. Would you mind sharing a summary of what you did, the parts you used etc.? I'd love to have working batteries myself.
  2. I tried putting and SSD in my TAM. I had this laying around: https://www.transcend-info.com/Products/No-973 I use this IDE converter https://www.amazon.co.uk/Docooler-mSATA-44pin-Adapter-Converter/dp/B07L89R2HK Everything seems to work fine, but when I install the OS on the disk it fails after some time, and when I then look at the disk, some folders and files have been renamed. It's like it cuts out a few letter in the middle of the filename and replace them with ~ System -> Sys~m Does anyone have a clue what could be causing this?
  3. I would be happy to put a deposit for a few boards!
  4. What about this battery? https://www.power-supplier.co.uk/laptop-battery/207/APPLE/661-0055.htm
  5. Me too, but it took of outside my budget! It's a really cool device though! Have you installed it yet?
  6. This is so incredibly ambitious and cool. I love it, and I want one! To recreate the se30 logic board is amazing. But it also makes me wonder. What about creating an improved SE/30 logic board? Ethernet, wifi, SD-card, internal grayscale, external color, accelerator built in. How do you hardware creators feel about things like this? Is it not interesting because it's not original, or is it too much work to even consider? Too small market?
  7. What about an internal grayscale card? Similar to the Micron Xceed.
  8. How about european union? It's su much smoother to buy things within the EU.
  9. Cool project! Will buy as soon as it's available in Europe!
  10. Thanks for the picture @Crutch! There is some room inside the PSU now. Is it a bad idea to hide something there?
  11. That's a cool solution though! How have you installed your PSU? My plan is to take it out of it's own case, and mount it inside the current PSU case using standoff screws. Well, i think we are way beyond the point where we don't do something because it's overkill. My SE/30 has 128 mb ram, an accelerator, the most expensive ethernet card i've bought for any computer.. I'm nore interested in if it's possible, and how it would work. It's purely for entertainment, nothing else. I've swapped the HDD and the fan. I'ts not making a noice, but it sounds more than
  12. I have a Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX 60 mm in my macintosh SE/30. And it's way quieter than the stock fan, but I'm wondering if there are ways to make the computer even more quiet. Has anyone been experimenting with cooling? Any mods with liquid cooling? I'm about to replace my original PSU with a SSP-300SUB. It run's fan-less if load is below 30%. My plan is to break it out and put it inside my current PSU case. but keep the fan inside it. I'm running a 50mhz 68030, but will upgrade to a 68040 soon. I'm assuming that the cpu is the component in most need of cooling. A heatsink with
  13. A trade sounds perfect for me! I'm focusing on my SE/30 (working on my second build). Also care a lot about my color classics and TAMs.
  14. Oh well. I'm up for one of your 040's that I can run faster, i posted in your thread. I don't have a IIci. Is there anything useful I can do with this accelerator? @Bolle, searched for info and ended up in the thread below. Is this the kind of card you guys are talking about?
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