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  1. The ideal SE/30 for me is the following: - Definitely 128MB of ram - Asante ehternet either MacCon or scsi ethernet. If you choose MacCon PDS be aware to have the daughter card that can split in half so if you buy a radius pivot or similar card to use the same daughter card for output the screen plug. - i would suggest diimo 030 or daystar powercache 50Mhz p33 as with turbo 040 you cannot use Mac ROM-inator II . It is mentioned in their site. Because the accelerators have issues with more than 512k rom. you can try to find the rom from IIsi or IIfx which are compatible wth se/3
  2. Hi Andrew, My SE/30 doesn't give a bong on startup but it works nice. if there was a problem you will have the sad mac icon with some hexadecimal numbers beneath, so i don't believe that there is a problem there. My thinking is that there is a problem with the disk. Either with the disk as media or with what is written on it some error in copy. Have you try with another floppy? Also i suggest to you to try with the Network Disk Access image. You can find it here: https://macgui.com/downloads/?file_id=20094 Hope that helps. Best Di
  3. Apologies for my late response, but i used the weekend time to check various configurations. Well, i checked what you have suggest @ttb but with no luck. i check with 64MB and the original stock rom. i check with 64MB and the IIFX rom same results horizontal black and white lines What have gave big impression is that the horizontal black and white lines appear also with the IIfx rom. so i put back the other 64MB nd boot with 128MB and the IIfx rom. Horizontal black and white lines appear for 85 seconds and then the normal gray screen appear checking the ram for another
  4. Many thanks for the reply. Yes the ROM is stock. I will try with different RAM configurations. RAM check, takes about 90 seconds for 128MB. SImasimac is vertical lines from what I have seen from screenshots, correct?
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum as a signed user, but I've read a lot of forum's postings due to my interest in SE/30 I would like to hear your opinion to a problem that I'm facing with my SE/30 and Daystar Turbo 040. First let me tell you the upgrades that my SE/30 has. I have replace the standard hdd with an Apples 2GB scsi. I put 8 x 16MB simms so total ram is 128MB I replace the power supply with one from Stratos The first card in the PDS slot is an Asante Ethernet. The second card is a Daystar Dualport iisi, which with a paper clip i have connect pi
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