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  1. Looks good! That's a very smooth retrobrite job.
  2. I had the same hard lockup running HyperCard from that image on my Centris 610 with System 7.5.5. There were no SCSI faults. I used the Centris to copy the contents of that CD image to a 2GB HDD image. I then switched the boot drive in macsd.ini to Realitystorm's 6.0.8 image, put the card in my Classic and the stack ran fine. It appears to be a software issue.
  3. You are mostly correct. I would not say an LED uses 20mA, but that it tolerates that current. It emits light with far less current, but as you've mentioned, a 1989 LED is less efficient than what is available today. The LED code was overhauled for v0.8.0. Maximum external LED drive is 3.3v through a 220 Ohm resistor at 9.7% duty cycle.
  4. This is not "SCSI2SD for dummies". If features I add to this product conflict with what you think it is or should be, you are mistaken. Most of my customers already had a SCSI to SD solution. I've sold to non-Mac users and will continue to. Don't concern yourself with it. That discussion is best led by people who have actually used the device, or at least bothered to read the documentation before speculating. I'll let you know about a vendor account.
  5. It has crossed my mind. The problem of incorrectly entering filenames, etc remains. I'll add more to the documentation about partitions. For now, here's an example: [2:hdd] ; Map SCSI ID 2 to MBR partition 4 partition=4
  6. Hi Steve. I've been using your 7.5.5 and 6.0.8 images, and they work well. Thanks for putting them together, they are very useful. I have not tried your floppyEMU images. A full drive on the SCSI side is stored as a file on the FAT32 partition on the card, or as an entire raw primary partition on the card. The CD emulation supports cooked images (.iso/.toast/.cdr/etc) and raw .bin images with a CUE or TOC index.
  7. How does an additional feature negate anything? You may have your own "main reason", but buyers have had varied priorities and uses. For whatever reason, you seem determined to pigeonhole MacSD as a toy while protecting SCSI2SD's market share: In the ebay finds thread, you posted: And in this thread: So now that your own main objection, and a "bummer" has been resolved, you still try to spin it into a negative. I'm not here to change the mind of someone who has quite clearly, already made his up.
  8. Several updates have been released over the last week adding: Direct partition mapping for HDD devices, breaking the 4GB barrier. Support for external LEDs. Independently adjustable brightness for on-board and external LEDs. Increased CD audio resolution and gain for 33/48/57MHz modes (12.45-13.28 bit). Thanks! That is indeed how it works.
  9. CD reads are currently limited to 2048 byte sectors. If 512 byte reads are added, it will most likely be as a third device type rather than a 300i option. Which (fairly common) drives use 512 byte sectors? That is an important point since there's a risk of damage if termination power is not provided.
  10. Thanks! No plans for add-ons at the moment.
  11. There are no disadvantages to implementing >4GB images. This is something 040 and PPC owners have been interested in, in addition to the CD audio and changer functions. For example, you could use fdisk to divide a 32GB card into a 20GB FAT32 partition and a 12GB hard drive image. A drive entry in the config file could point to an image file on the FAT32 partition or to the entire 12GB partition. That is the general idea, but not a direct quote. While my primary focus is Macs, there's no reason MacSD cannot work on other SCSI platforms. It i
  12. All eight of the indicator LEDs on the edge can be mirrored to external LEDs. Nine pins on the expansion header can be used for LEDs (eight anodes and a common cathode). I've done no testing with Apple II.
  13. The expansion port was not designed around an existing standard.
  14. Hi everyone. I'm the creator of MacSD. It's good to be here and I'm happy to answer your questions. Cory5412 - I've been asked about >4GB disk images. This is currently in development. You'll be able to use primary partitions directly as disk images. All of the FAT32 options will remain. maceffects - I appreciate the support! Byte Knight - The lines powering the eight LEDs on the edge of the board (including SCSI activity) run through the expansion header. All external LEDs share a common cathode line, also on the expansion header. Any color LED ca
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