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  1. I make these with NOS ICs. $26/ea shipped to the US. Edit: These are 256KB This same PCB accepts four ICs on the opposite side for 512K, so if there is demand, I can have them made quickly. The chips for the two module sizes have different row/column dimensions, so a 512K module cannot be made with chips from a 256K module.
  2. Nice presentation. MacSD is listed as not having floppy support. While it doesn't emulate a physical drive, it does support mounting multiple floppy images at once. I also noticed SCSI2SD is listed as having floppy support. What is the extent of floppy support on the SCSI2SD?
  3. Guessing here... to retain the memory through a battery swap.
  4. Correction: Noctua NF-R8 Redux
  5. be quiet! Pure Wings 2 80mm, BL044 Noctua NF-B9 redux I run those in my PM6100 and Centris 610 at reduced speeds and they are virtually silent. Convection cooling isn't viable for these machines. With no fan, the top of the PSU will get hot, but even a slow fan keeps it near ambient. Neat project. Would feeding TTL directly to the Mac's opposite input pin work?
  6. Video favors lower capacitance so some cables use extremely thin wires. ADB needs low resistance. Go for heavier gauge wiring or build your own cable. I would not add external power to the bus. Measure the 5v delta at the end of the chain vs at the Mac and do the same for ground.
  7. Amphenol 10127820-1422LF mates with the cable. The pins in the cable should be either 10134170 or 10127817.
  8. The current through the LED and resistor is the same and the sum of the voltage across each add up to 5V. Typical forward voltage through red and green LEDs is 2.1V. This leaves 2.9V across the resistor. 2.9 / 180 = 0.0161 A. Voltage across the LED will increase slightly with current, but this is negligible. For blue/white LEDs with a forward voltage around 3.6V, the same resistor would pass less current.
  9. Any LED that can tolerate 16mA will work fine there. If you want to reduce brightness, you can replace R111 with a higher value.
  10. I'd look at the brightness pots, both the external and the trim.
  11. I am biased since I sell it, but I recommend the MacSD, which can handle hard drive and CD images, and recently, floppy/partition images as well. You can mount multiple floppies at once and work with them at SCSI speed. No reconfiguration via USB is required. Also, changing cards on a Classic can be very easy with some modifications.
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