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  1. Thanks cheesestraws. Very sad. Rick
  2. I’ve noticed that the MemoryX website has been down for the last month. Have they went out of business?
  3. And the answer is....U10 EGRET chip. Another custom Apple chip.
  4. I’ve recapped my early version motherboard and replaced the PRAM battery. However I’m still seeing the loss of time, date and mouse settings when the classic is turned off. I have checked the battery voltage back to chip U12 pin 7, then to pin 12 on the EGRET chip. That path is good. Question- what chip stores the PRAM data? thank you. Rick
  5. I solved this issue by buying an apple 600e CDROM drive. I downloaded and burnt a CD on my WIN10 machine, transferred it to the 600e. Problem solved. Thanks for all the input. Rick
  6. Thank you for all the advice. I’ll need to research my options. Merry Christmas Rick
  7. Seeking some advice on how to download files larger than 1.4MB from the web (Mac Repository or Macintosh Garden). I'm running into the 1.4MB "Floppy bottleneck". Meaning how do I get larger compressed files that won't fit on a floppy disk onto my Classic II hard drive? Thank you
  8. Hello, Has anyone found a source for the 68 pin 256k VRAM SIMM apple p/n 661-0722? The SIMM is used to upgrade the video ram from 256k to 512k. Thank you, Rick
  9. I ended up buying 4x16Mb SIMMs from OWC. The SIMMs fit perfectly and the memory is running great! I would highly recommend them to anyone upgrading their SE/30. Rick
  10. I recall from my Apple II days that several programs, or firmware allowed you to inspect the contents of memory. Does that capability exist for the Macintosh 68k family? thank you, Rick
  11. Troubleshooting an SE/30 motherboard with an oscope is almost impossible with how short the power/signal cable is (J12). Has anyone tried making a longer cable for troubleshooting? This is the cable that connects the motherboard to the analog board. thank you, Rick
  12. Hello, I want to upgrade the memory in my SE/30. Has anyone purchased 16MB SIMMs from the company Memory(X) ? thanks Rick
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