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  1. Kai, I’m interested in buying one EGRET IC if you’re willing to part with it. Rick
  2. I've tried to use an SD extension cable with a SCSI2SD V5.1 with no luck. I looked at the SPI interface between the SCSI2SD and the SD card with an O'Scope and Logic Analyzer. With the extension cable in place, the interface hangs up as soon as the test lead (O'Scope or analyzer) is attached to the SCK (Clock signal). Voltage level of the SCK signal is ~ 3.0v. Not sure where to proceed. Rick
  3. Kai, I would like to purchase an EGRET chip for my classic II. How can I order it? Thank you, Rick
  4. Elemenoh, Great job on those metal parts! I was also thinking about powder coating or spray paint till I seen you photos. Rick
  5. Solved. I'm posting the results of my troubleshooting should someone else have this error. Symptom was intermittent floppy disks write errors while trying to format, or during floppy disk apple diagnostics. The write signal (WR) voltage level was low (~3.6vdc square wave) vice the proper 5vdc; thereby causing intermittent errors to occur. You could see the WR signal on the external floppy jack J6 pin 19 using an o'scope. I traced the signal back to the output of U7 pin 16. Removing and reinstalling the PAL16L8D chip returned the output to proper voltage lev
  6. Would someone be helpful and take a voltage reading with your O'scope for me? I need to know the voltage amplitude of the External Floppy Jack J6- pin 19 (Attachment refers), while formatting a floppy. My O'scope is reading 3.6vpp. Thank you Rick EXTERNAL FLOPPY J6.docx
  7. JDW, I followed your CR44 recapping video to refurbish my power supply. Easy day! Thank you for producing the video, it was very helpful. Rick
  8. JDW, Thank you for the detailed technical reply. I’m going to proceed with the re-capping project. If I have problems afterwards, I explore making a dummy load as you suggest. Thanks again. Rick
  9. JDW, I'm getting ready to re-cap a CR-44 power supply I purchased on eBay. Prior to re-capping I wanted to bench check output voltages. The 5vdc output is fine; however the 12vdc is reading 13.9vdc and -12vdc reads -9vdc. Question: Can the +/-12vdc outputs be read if the power supply is unloaded? Thank you Rick
  10. ironborn65, Did you ever get your power supply issue solved?
  11. Thanks cheesestraws. Very sad. Rick
  12. I’ve noticed that the MemoryX website has been down for the last month. Have they went out of business?
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