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  1. Hello all, I'm in search of a working M5126 logic board. The board number is 820-0526-03 630-4216. Thanks so much, Gary.
  2. Thanks for the response Techknight, This IS in regards to the same machine I posted the pictures of in a previous thread. Also, the reason I made a new thread is due to the fact that this branch of the forum is intended for Mac Portables and up, I now realize that the previously used forum section wasn't intended to have subject matter pertaining to Mac Portables. I notice there is a small VOLT REF chip by the op amp, a larger chip that's labeled "VOLT REG" by C206, there is also what appears could be a regulator inside Q16. Which should I test? Thanks, Gar
  3. Hello everyone, I have a Macintosh Portable, backlit M5126 model. When I first purchased the unit, I utilized a new 6.4 v 4.5ah battery to replace the old dead main battery. Furthermore, I replaced the 9v secondary battery. I tried powering the unit up, and it did nothing. Upon a first disassembly I located numerous bulged/leaking caps, the board overall was dirty as well. I removed all SMD/through hole caps, I then washed the PCB, and baked out all of the moisture in the oven (170-185F, for 20-25 minutes). Upon confirming that the PCB was dry, I recapped the entire PCB. Once I con
  4. Hey does anyone have schematics for the backlit Macintosh Portable (M5126 model)? Thanks, Gary.
  5. Thank you very much for the response
  6. I’m using wires with female connectors, that slide snug over the terminals.
  7. I am using a 6.4 volt battery as a replacement, per other people’s recommendation. I do not have an AC adapter for the computer. I also have a 9 volt battery in place as well. When I hold both the reset and interrupt buttons for that time period, I release and hit a key to boot the unit, but it does nothing.
  8. Hello again, Since we last chatted, I have since cleaned and recapped the logic board for my M5126. Upon reassembly I confirmed that the battery plug was reading proper voltage to the point that it plugs into the logic board. I tried to boot the system, but It does nothing, as if no power is present. I have looked at the schematics link you previously sent, do you have a link for a backlit M5126 schematics sheet, or perhaps insight on what the problem may be? Thanks.
  9. Hey guys, I just finished recapping my logic board in my Macintosh portable M5126. When I try to power it on with a fresh, charged battery, It does nothing. This is exactly what it did prior to cleaning the board and replacing every single cap. I’m new to this stuff. The battery terminals in the computer are reading 6.4 volts. I’m not sure where to go from here. Any assistance/input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gary.
  10. Does anyone know where I can buy capacitors with a lead donated of 0.65mm? I bought some on Mouser but the lead diameter is 0.80 and they WILL NOT fit into the through holes. Any help is most definitely appreciated, I don’t know where to go from here.
  11. Got the through hole axial caps in the mail, the leads are too large and won’t fit through the holes on the board. I measured the original cap lead size, which was 0.65 mm. The ones I got in the mail are 0.80 mm. Does anyone know where to get ones that will fit?
  12. Thanks so much for the response! I’m ordering all replacement electrolytic capacitors. What’s the best way to test continuity on the traces, to ensure which ones are not broken?
  13. Hello everyone, I apologize ahead of time if I posted this in the wrong forum. This is my first post. To make a long story short, I just bought my first Apple computer I’ve ever owned. It’s a Macintosh Portable M5126. I took it apart the other day to inspect the main board. I know the capacitors all need replacing, but I discovered other areas of concern. On the bottom side of the main board, I discovered deterioration to a substantial amount of traces. I’ve attached photos of the more prominent areas. My question is, could this be surface tarnish, or are these traces completely gone? Any help
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