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  1. It's worth $30 actually, I was being nice.
  2. Heyo, I'd advise getting in touch with the SCSI2SD makers at http://codesrc.com/. NoDiskSleep is useless for this, the issue is caused by the SCSI2SD not responding quick enough.
  3. I know the first rev of //c has different keyswitches with incompatible keycaps… I believe it changed in later revisions.
  4. lol virtual memory off. who the heck would do that? Like anyone is gonna be doing HARDCORE VIDEO EDITING on their 1400c these days heh. what are you gonna get from vm off like one extra frame per second while your machine runs out of memory? lmao
  5. Hi Brad, The best choice for OS version would by System 7.5.3 with PowerTalk. Enjoy!
  6. Yup. I have a Logitec LMO-PB400K, which is very similar to OP's drive. I think it's actually the same assembly too. Has some formatting/reading issues. Probably need to clean it like OP did. Cute icons. There's a million different MO icon sets for Macs… Years ago I started scouring internet archive pages for old japanese icon sets, lots of good quality stuff that I managed find, with tons of fancy MO icons.
  7. CompactFlash adapters don't work with the 1st and 2nd gen without some… coaxing. More on that in the future.
  8. Not sure what's so crazy about this, iTunes supports every iPod sold.
  9. It's the original model, SCSI… "Dimâge Scan DuaL - Model F-2400". I'd use it with Vuescan but I don't really have any way to use it with a modern computer.
  10. Recently picked one of these up, with the negative and slide trays, thankfully. It didn't come with the driver CD unfortunately, and I've been unsuccessful in finding a copy. Anyone here have the drivers/CD? I'd love to get this thing running!
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